5 Amusing Home Accessories you Didn’t Even Realise you Needed


Decorating your home is the adult equivalent of being a child let loose in toys r us, and when all’s said and done you’re left with the home of your dreams, you may realise that the whole thing is very practical. While practicality and style is something only to be encouraged in homes, sometimes it’s nice to have a little humour and a few tokens throughout to showcase your personality.

Home accessories are the perfect way to do this, as they can easily be moved around and swapped out if the mood strikes. Dinner parties and friendly gatherings are brilliant for showcasing amusing little home accessories, they  can be unique conversation starters and a creative way to impress friends.  

Below we’ve showcased 5 amusing home accessories that we’re sure you’ll love (and so will your friends and family). This post was sponsored by samegadget.com

  1. Tipsy Wine Glasses

These glasses are a brilliant piece to bring out at parties. You can switch out your guests regular wine glasses to the tipsy wine glasses after they’ve had a few glasses and watch in amusement as they try to work out why their glass looks as though it may fall at any moment. These novelty glasses will bring a smile to your party; watch your friends check their faulty vision and try to correct their attempt to pick up their glass! Each glass has an angled stem to make it wonky, ensuring plenty of fun at your summer barbecue or gathering.

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  1. Stainless Steel Ice Cube

Not only are these “ice” cubes amusing to have, they’re also extremely practical. With the ability to completely chill your beverage, these cubes will never again leave you with a watered down drink. Made of high quality, food grade stainless steel that leaves no unwanted taste, these ingenious ice cubes will keep you chilled to the max without ever compromising on the concentration of your thirst-quencher! Steel Ice Cubes freeze faster than regular ice cubes, with each containing an innovative, non-toxic, quick freeze gel. Not only do these cubes feel cool when frozen but they also look incredibly cool. Banish boring old ice from your summer barbeques and embrace these distinctive steel cubes.

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  1. Wine Bottle Toilet Brush

If you’re a bit of a wine enthusiast like myself, then the wine bottle toilet brush will be perfect for you. Confuse and delight your friends as they stumble upon a bottle of wine kept by the toilet. Maybe they’ll think you’ve taken your wine drinking a little too far, but they’ll soon be left in fits of laughter when they learn it’s true function, guaranteed to bring a comically classy touch to your toilet. A sturdy, resistant accessory with high-quality bristles, this authentically-sized practical item makes a certain talking point at any dinner party or social gathering. Accurately replicating the distinctive design of a bottle of fine red wine, your guests will love this amusing toilet brush. Warning DO NOT confuse with an actual bottle of wine. Results may prove to be very embarrassing!

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  1. Scary Shower Curtain

If this accessory doesn’t initially scare the life out of your guest we’re sure they’ll end up in fits of giggles when they realise they’ve been had. Anyone who’s watched a few horror movies will know that if there’s a shadow behind the shower curtain you should definitely not look and probably make a quick exit. So spook your guests with this hand print shower curtain, the amusing design is made to look as though someone is hiding behind the shower curtain. Lets just hope they’re not too desperate for the toilet when they get the fright!

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  1. Voodoo Knife Block

This unique, wacky yet stylish Voodoo Knife Block is the coolest kitchen accessory you will ever find! Stylishly-crafted in high quality ABS, the Voodoo Knife Block is sure to be the talking point in any kitchen. It’s fun design creates a funny illusion and leave your guest wondering who the voodoo doll is modelled for. Each of the kitchen knives are safely guided into and stored in the magnetic housing when not in use.The five kitchen knives included are professionally crafted to the highest standard, so the block is not only fun but also highly practical. The stunning visuals of the block and its usefulness are a fine balance, making it a cut above the rest! Available in an array of colours, it will fit right in to any kitchen no matter the design.

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If you’ve found our home accessories amusing then let us know in the comments below.

And feel free to leave a link to any amusing home accessories you’ve found across the web or have in your home!






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