10 Gadgets for Dad this Father’s Day

Father and son

Why are lame jokes labeled “Dad Jokes?” because every dad across the universe tells them in some form and finds them absolutely hilarious (no matter how hard we may cringe!). There must be a rule book dads receive on the birth of their first born, stating your sense of humor must deteriorate and you must try and impress people with cool gadgets that make everyone either think you’re 1. really impressive or 2. really hilarious with far too much time on your hands.

Whatever it is that makes dads love their gadgets so much, it doesn’t make us love them any less, so if you can’t beat ‘em you may as well join ‘em. We’ve found the coolest, funniest and oddest gadgets out there, and put them all together in one handy list, just in time to give Dad the best Father’s Day present ever! (guaranteed to be better than the one your siblings are going to get him).

  1. Underwater LED Light

For most of our dads it was the Lava Lamp that would provide mood lighting in their homes way back in the day, however surely it’s time for something new, so if your dad is a gadget enthusiast who loves having little pieces of technology to show off and play with then give him the LED Underwater Multicoloured Light!

Dad can submerge it in any glass vase or aquarium, it works in conjunction with a remote control so he can select one of the 13 different shades of colour, or have it gently or abruptly changing between them all! He can even dim the lights and put it in his bathtub or hot tub to really create an atmosphere. The LED underwater light will make living his life a little bit nicer by adding some colour and dynamicsit, it will also help in making all his parties a little bit cooler!
Available at Gifts.co.uk 

  1. Bathtub Shooting Game

I think it’s fair to say that deep down all dads are just children at heart. They love toys and legos and well everything their children love. He may have desk gadgets and garden gadgets maybe even gadgets for the kitchen, so get him something a little different with this gadget for the bathtub! It’s the end of a long, busy day and dad’s relaxing in a nice hot bubbly bath.

He won’t want to read (in case he drops his book!), he’s had enough of screens and yet he’s still bored, sitting in a bathtub all night doesn’t have the same appeal to dad as it does to mum. With this gift though dad can holster up his water pistol, take aim and fire with the Bath Tub Shoot ‘Em Up! Just stick the flip down targets to the bathroom tiles (handy suction cup provided), fill the water pistol and he’s good to go.
Available at Genie Gadgets 

  1. iPhone Doodle Case

This artistic gift is a great iPhone accessory for a creative dad, allowing a new scribble or drawing for each day of the week. The doodle case is great for drawing and doodleing, be it at the office, at home or on the commute to work. Or perhaps dad will fancy investing a little more time into creating a small masterpiece. A fantastic way for dad to have some me time, keep himself occupied on the loo or show off his cool new gadget to his friends. Just pick up the cleaning material to wipe the protective case and he can start again brand new.
Available at Gifts.co.uk 

  1.  Orbit Planet Clock

This gift is for all the science or sci-fi loving dads out there. This unique clock is just like looking straight into our solar system from space. As we all know, the planets orbit the sun and that is exactly what this cool clock is representing. With the sun in the middle, three planets that seem to be suspended in the air orbit around with a smooth, seamless motion.

Three coloured anodized aluminium balls rotate around the face which is coated with rubber to prevent scratching. Each planet depicts a different hand on the clock and the hidden motorized magnets pull the planets around the face. It may take a while for dad to get used to reading the time with this clock but it is definitely worth the patience. This obscure clock can either be wall mounted or left on his desk to baffle his friends and colleagues.
Available at Red5 

  1. Motion Controlled Drone

The ability to whizz a drone in the air is so much fun it’s easy to see why they have become so popular. In just a short time they have developed from basic machines to super advanced with HD cameras, auto take off/land, altitude hold, VR goggles and so on and so on. You may have seen drones in our christmas guide for dad, and they were so popular! (I even got my dad one) so you may be thinking why are they back on our list if it’s already been done before?

This incredible drone is controlled completely by dads movements, using hand gestures he can move the drone around. It’s perfect for anyone that hasn’t flown before or for anyone who has struggled flying in the past. In fact the hardest thing about this Drone is trying to crash it!
Available at Red5 

  1. BBQ Branding Iron

Even if your dad doesn’t know which room the cooker lives in (or that you even have one) you can be sure that when it comes to BBQ season he is the only person allowed to wear the metaphorical chefs hat (unless you have an actual chefs hat). It a dad thing, they like to be king of the grill and even if mum produces thousands of amazing meals a year, he more than likely believes she doesn’t know how to operate a BBQ grill, because only dads know the differences between blackened and burnt meat.

So this gift will really let him put his stamp on the BBQ, with this fantastic BBQ branding Iron he can quite literally make sure everyone knows exactly who cooked the food they’re eating. The brilliant barbecue utensil allows you to add some slogan-based sizzle to your sausages! Whether cooking up bumper burgers or even some cheeky chops, it is easy for dad to personalise friends and family’s food; adding a name or a special message, to their utmost surprise.

Simply load up the BBQ Branding Iron with the chosen remark and make an imprint, as two twin locks hold the unique phrase securely in place. There are 52 letters and 8 blank spaces available to utilise, including handy duplicates of some of the most common letters; with a maximum of nine characters per line.
Available at Genie Gadgets

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  1. Coach Coaster

Back in the good old days, when dad wanted his coffee, beer, coke or whatever else it sat on his armrest. It was a dangerous gamble of whether it would stay put, where if you weren’t diligent in your prayers to the gods, he’d face harsh (and soggy) consequences, and usually mum yelling that the coffee table isn’t that far away, and the new carpet is now ruined.

But not anymore! With this awesome Couch Coaster, he will be kept safe from the risk of his beverage falling from the armrest and ruining his and mums day (or at least mums floor), and never again will he need to put his drink more than arm’s length away. The sturdy cup holder sits on top of the armrest and the weighted “arms” hang down either side, providing you with a strong and stable base for the beverage. You may have just stumbled across the gadget he’ll be using for the rest of his life.
Available at Red5 

  1. Toilet Golf

Did you ever hear the phrase, “we’re leaving as soon as I’ve been to the toilet” from your dad? Were you ever young and gullible enough to immediately put your shoes on and stand by the door? – me too. It’s a well known fact that dads take forever in the toilet, no one actually knows what they’re doing in there (and we don’t want to). But it’s the 21st century and you can’t let dad sit with a tired out newspaper or boring old magazine any longer!

Beat bathroom boredom with the novelty Toilet Golf Set. This handy, portable set includes everything dad needs for a quick round of solo golf! The potty putter lets him practice his skills whilst sitting on the toilet. When nature calls let him take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some ball action too.
Available at Gifts.co.uk

  1. Sunflower Solar Charger

Is your dad a bit tech savvy, does he know how to use an iPad and his phone is actually better than yours? Well get him a gadget that he’ll really appreciate this father’s day with the  sunflower solar charger. Whether he puts it on the window sill, the bedside table or on his office desk, the Sunflower Solar Charger can be ‘planted’ decoratively in a number of places. The attractive modern design includes a white plant pot and two green leaves, plus one large solar panel which turns this gift idea into some real eye candy.

But that’s not all: Two LED lights indicate when the 2,500 mAh lithium battery is fully charged. So whether dad wants to charge his iPhone, iPad, android or any other device, he can do so with this innovative sunflower charger while keeping the environment in mind and not using any energy whatsoever from the national grid.
Available at Gifts.co.uk

  1. Medieval Cheese Board

We thought we’d make the last one on our list as cheesy as we could (did you see the dad joke there) and pick something so odd it’s actually quite cool. Give dad a gift that’s a little out the ordinary, a brilliant idea for cheese loving dads everywhere. We’re not sure whether medieval knights actually had cheese boards with their meals, but if they did they definitely would have had one like this.

Featuring a chunky shield shaped wooden platter that dad could almost certainly use to protect himself from an arrow attack, and three brutal but efficient cutting implements styled to look like axes and a spear, it will surely fulfil any cheese based medieval fantasies dad may have had and it’s incredibly fun to use.
Available at Red5

Which is your favourtie gift for dad? Let us know in the comments below!

Or if you have any other ideas on great gadget gifts for dads this Fathers Day drop us a comment and let us know 🙂


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