10 Futuristic Products You Can Totally Buy Today


The latest tech to come out of labs around the globe over the last few years is simply quite amazing.  We’ve already ready looked into products and interactive assistants to control your smart home and touched on smart products to make the most out of your smart home. It really is the future when you can control your home with your voice – but steering away from the smart side of the 21st century, it’s not too long ago televisions were the width of a house and your internet was dial up.

So when you think about about recent advancements in technology we really have taken massive steps. We absolutely love gadgets at Salescache so here are some examples of our favourite futuristic gadgets that seem a long way from reality but are just as real as the screen you are reading this on.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality has always been something that the film industry has danced around. The idea that we can somehow see or be apart of another world. Well 2016 saw the rise of virtual reality headsets. Leading up to the rise of VR headsets the world saw Virtual Reality beginning in cinemas with 3D and then creeping into our homes in high tech 3D televisions. The Vuzix iWear Video Headphones, supported by HDMI connectivity input, plug in to Blu-ray, tablets, consoles, PCs, android and iPhone allowing you to enjoy one of the highest pixel density images available, with twin million colour pixels per eye.

The amazing visual is complimented by phenomenal audio with noise isolating over ear design delivering crystal clear sound, perfect pitch and thundering bass. From the moment you put on this awesome piece of tech, you’re instantly blown away by the immersive world that lies before you. It really is like wearing a cinema on your head, with dazzling 16:9 high definition display and magnificent 55° field of view, the iWear is comparable to watching a 125’’ TV screen.

For gaming and virtual reality, the iWear provides the next level of immersion accurately tracking head orientation and movement, so when the wearer’s head rotates the image matches the motion in real time. You can even connect to your drone’s camera to view 360 degree 3D videos from the perspective of your drone, transporting your flying experience to brand new heights.

Available now from Red5 


Hoverboards were undoubtedly the high point of the 1985 film Back to the Future. After that everyone wanted one and we all waited in anticipation for 2015 to arrive in home that the film had got it right! Oddly enough they almost did – while today’s hover boards don’t necessarily hover they move around on wheels it’s still a huge advancement in technology and way cooler than walking. Combining self-balancing (gyroscopic) technology, weight-sensing steering and an average of 10mph speed the Scooty Hoverboard has caused a bit of a storm throughout the world .

Available now from Genie Gadgets 

Key Finder

Keys, phones and remotes are the most commonly lost items in homes throughout the world. Though they never seem to be lost for long the initial flood of panic that occurs when we can’t remember where it is we last had these items is one that is recognised across the globe. So it’s hardly surprising to see that some clever person has created the key fob of the future to ensure you can always find your keys or whichever treasured item you’ve attached your Find It to. Linked via bluetooth to your smartphone simply enable the Find It app and it will trigger an alarm to help you locate your keys.

Available now from Genie Gadgets 

Interactive Glow Shirt 

In this light of the future clothes are no longer only clothes they’re statements of our personality, conversational pieces and technical designs. Illuminated Apparel is an innovative clothing brand that takes full advantage of all of this and allows you to draw on an unlimited glow in the dark canvas using light. Created using a special glow ink, which is up 10 times brighter than standard glow inks available, the glow lasts for around 5 minutes, allowing you to constantly create and recreate innovative designs. Using the added UV key chain or even the light from your phone you can create your own weird and wonderful designs on the go.

Available now from Genie Gadgets 


Typically when you think of drones you think of the US government and all the secret ways they watch you – thanks Orange is the New Black for all those ideas. However welcome to the 21st century where drones are so easily accessible it seems every household with a tech lover or remote control fanatic in them now has a drone.

If you’ve ever dreamt of exploring new worlds, going to undiscovered corners of our planet or simply adventuring in the great outdoors, then your perfect companion is the Parrot Bebop 2; the sturdy, lightweight and reliable drone which takes incredible photos in amazing places. The seven sensors and 3-axis digital stabilisation make sure this stunning drone guarantee smooth flight and uninterrupted footage, giving a both an awesome ride and incredible pictures every time.

Available now from Red5 

Laser Keyboards 

If there was ever to be an item to make you feel as though we’ve arrived into the future this would be it. It’s just so sci-fi it’s actually difficult to believe it hasn’t just arrived from the props department of Star Trek. You can imagine our delight when we feasted our eyes upon this futuristic marvel. Tap your way to happiness and pretend you’re a member of the Starfleet with this incredible Laser Keyboard. All the magic is mysteriously contained within a rather clever little box, making this keyboard as portable as it is pioneering.

Simply connect your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth or USB connection, switch on and place on a dark, flat surface. The innovative and compact design features a full integrated English QWERTY keyboard layout with over 400 characters. The keyboard omits a glowing red laser and makes small sounds as you type, making the transition to awesome laser keyboard from the old-fashioned buttony type affairs incredibly easy. But the innovation doesn’t end there, as the Laser Keyboard has an impressive 5200mAh power bank built-in, giving you the ability to charge your devices on the go too. That’s one clever box.

Available now from Red5 

Floating Speakers

When looking for a new speaker the most important thing is that it sounds good. In the past we’ve seen record players, boom boxes and the ultra modern wireless speakers. But today we like to go that little bit further. We want something that’s wows, something that mesmerises, something that floats in mid-air! Using some super fancy science, the Hexagon Levitate 2.0 speaker will levitate above its base in all its futuristic glory while blasting out your tunes.

If you’re out and about you’ll be pleased to know the top section can be removed allowing you to play your music when on the go. Plus, it’s also magnetic so it will attach and stick to anything metal. There’s even a hands free call function, so if you’re rocking away and you receive a call, you can use the speaker as your handset.

Available now from Red5 

3D Pen

3D printers have been at the height of futuristic development – but without a huge chunk of change burning a hole in your pocket, then there’s very little chance you’ll find yourself owning one. However the world’s very first 3D printing pen, which comes at a price we can all afford, makes the ideas of idle doodlers come to life to create amazing works of art. Turning sketches into sculptures pretty much instantly is kind of their thing.

Build, craft and design just like before by placing a plastic cartridge inside the pen, which is then heated to form malleable plastic strands from the newly redesigned pen nozzle. You can then use the pen to draw out anything imaginable with gravity defying precision. The 3Doodler 2.0 has variable speed and temperature controls as well as a double click function that allows you to draw with a continuous flow. It feels ergonomic and easy to use, simply plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Available now from Red5 

Slush Puppy Making Cup

While this product isn’t necessarily futuristic in the sense of lasers and robots – it is the product of the future that every 90’s teen dreamed of! No longer do you have to find an ice cream stand or family bar to have your favourite slushy treat, now you can have one at home in just a matter of minutes. Simply pop the cup into the freezer until completely frozen, then add your favourite slushy syrup and mix furiously for about ten minutes – you’re then left with a deliciously icy beverage and super toned arms to boot.

We’ll admit in a world full of smart phones it hardly seems futuristic, but we know every child 30 years ago wanted one of these machines in their homes and now welcome to the future where it’s totally possible.

Available now from Genie Gadgets 

Teeth Whitening Light

Beauty is an ever changing world and it’s not often anything can really be described as the future. However the Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System is an innovative new way to achieve a Hollywood smile in the comfort of your own home. Created by dentists, the unique technology of this system works after just 30 minutes, reducing stains created by coffee, natural discolouration and smoking.

Available now from Beauty Expert 

We love thinking about how cool new futuristic technology is. Thinking about how far we’ve come to how far we’ll be in a few years to come. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite futuristic gadget is – or what you’re looking forward to buying when those busy scientists finally get round to inventing it.


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