Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is round the corner and to help you in selecting the right gift for your loved ones we have assembled these gift ideas for you. The guide includes gift ideas for dad, mum, boyfriend, girlfriend, boy and girl. If you are in a hurry, jump to a specific section using the links below.

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Christmas Gift Guide – For Dad

It seems that as Christmas approaches the people that we’ve known for what seems forever and we couldn’t imagine our lives without are the hardest to buy for. Take good ol’ dad for example, for most of us he is our first teacher, our first hero and our first coach. As much as we’d love to buy him a race car or the England football squad, because let’s face it, he totally deserves it. One of the biggest worries surrounding Christmas is the cost, so how do you say Dad you’re the best without breaking the bank? We’ve created a gift guide filled with reasonably priced gifts perfect for every type of dad out there.

The Camping Dad

For the dads that seem to always be on some sort of adventure, the boot of their car typically contains a travel tool kit, some waterproofs and some emergency camping gear (torch, rope etc.). So spoil him this Christmas by making him the coolest kid at the campsite with the BBQ Tool Box. A classic looking metal toolbox which folds up for convenient and easy travel with a removable charcoal fuel tray the clean up is as easy as ever. This is a great gift for the outdoor dad

Buy Now from Gadget Genie – £48.95

The Gadget Dad

Remember being little and absolutely loving getting to spend some time in your dad’s “man cave” with the remote control cars and pens that were never just pens Gadget dad’s always had the coolest stuff. This remote control mini drone with a fitted camera is perfect for all gadget dads or any selfie loving dads we may have out there. So while it’s still winter and too cold outside for dad to play with his toys, this drone is the perfect present for hours of fun inside the house.

With a 0.3MP built in camera the drone takes pictures and records whilst in flight it also comes with a 2GB micro SD card, memory card reader, USB charging cable and 4 spare blades so dad can take the drone with him wherever he may go!

Buy Now from Prezzy Box- Was £49.99 now £44.95

The Chef Dad

Move over mum chef dads are historically the greatest. When growing up in a house where dad rules the kitchen, you know you’re always getting a daily feast, without any worries of what’s healthy and what’s not – because dad made it, you know it’s probably not healthy. As a child all your friends wanted to come over for tea when dad made his legendary famous pies.

The worst part of growing into an adult is not having one of dads dishes every evening after a long day at school. These bear paw oven mitts are perfect for every Chef dad, protecting them from hot trays and pans, giving the grandchildren a good giggle and not to mention helping him make that fantastic Christmas turkey – haha!

Buy Now from – £18.99

The Super Clever Dad

Whether it’s homework, watching who wants to be a millionaire or just general life advice, having a super clever dad is the best thing ever. He literally knows it all! Dad is so intelligent and knows all these incredible facts, he’s always the best person to have a good hearted debate with regarding all the latest and greatest in news and politics.

With his stacks of book, biographies and world encyclopaedia’s, these evolution bookends are a fantastic gift for dad to keep his fountain of knowledge tidy and organised whilst also bringing a little fun to his home office. The quirky bookends are the perfect conversation piece, which we’re sure the super clever dad will always appreciate.

Buy Now from Red Candy – £21.50

The DIY Dad

Watching the evolution of a DIY dad is hilarious. In the beginning there were wonky shelves and tv stand that was never quite straight. Over the years, it can be noted things have slowly gotten better, the book shelves look quite professional and there’s never a leaky tap or cracked window in sight.

DIY dad often woke you on saturdays to the sound of drilling or hammering, although you suppressed much resentment back then, now you couldn’t ask for a better dad as he fixes all your dodgy cupboards in your shiny new house. So while you want to get DIY dad something that shows you appreciate his hard work and his love of fixing, asking him to build you a new entertainment unit may not be the most thought out gift, instead let him get totally creative with his own DIY Speaker Kit – hours of fun creating his own unique speaker out of literally anything that takes his fancy

Buy Now from Red5 – £29.99

The Dad Who has Everything

What to get the dad who has everything – or in some cases nothing. The dad who buys every latest gizmo and gadget the day they come out or the dad that thinks toys are for children and his hobby is walking. Two very difficult extremes that often lead to the oh so creative gift of socks. Do you know what dads who have everything don’t have? Something you’ve had personalised. Unless you give the same personalized gift yearly then it’s impossible for them to already have it. So celebrate dad this Christmas with a personalised 12 year old malt whisky.

A lot of people think giving alcohol or food presents is as generic as socks, but with the gorgeous, personalised bottle, even after the drink has gone dad has a lovely decoration to put in his bespoke bottle holder, that we know he has because he is of course the dad who has everything.

Buy Now from MenKind- £54.99

The Experience Mad Dad

Living life on the edge of his seat the experience mad dad was always the fun dad. The man who sat next to you when you just had to go on the biggest fastest roller coaster in the theme park. The one that took you on speedboats and hikes in the mountains, there was never a dull moment with dad. Give him the experience of his life by getting him a 1 hour flying lesson this Christmas.

There’s nothing quite like soaring high above the clouds and taking to the skies, something I’m sure will be an incredible new experience for dad (unless of course he’s already a pilot).

Buy Now from Experience Mad – Was £199 now £185


Christmas Gift Guide – Mum

Our protector, our nurse and for most of us, our best friend. From the very first second there was mum. For so many of us, mums mean more to us than words could ever describe they’ve looked after us since day one and now all we want to do is be able to look after them.

Personally my mum deserves her own island, and i’m sure many of you will agree the same about your mums unfortunately i can’t afford that – and I’m assuming that’s the same for most of the population. Don’t let that get you down, we’ve tons of amazing ideas for spoiling every type of mum out there without spending a fortune.

So get mum something she’ll really love this Christmas (even if it isn’t an island) from one of our fantastic choices below.

The Fashionable Mum

The amount of times you’d get in trouble for “borrowing” things of your mums. Who can help it when she’s more on trend than teenage you and had the money to fund it! The fashionable mum has always looked great, taking pride in her appearance and yours too. It’s the fashionable mum you have to thank for a bare minimum of absolute wardrobe catastrophes displayed in the photo albums she too often gets out.

So, show mum how much you appreciate her with this timeless fashion must have. Complementing every outfit this gorgeous statement piece is sure to make mum smile this Christmas.

Buy Now from Jaques Verts – Was £45 now £29

The Gardening Mum

Mum loves being outdoors tending to her flowers, the garden was her sanctuary and some of the best memories of the two of you take place out there. Beautiful souls create beautiful spaces – this is always reflected in mums garden. Gardeners are known to love gardening because there kindness makes them always want to help thing grown and bloom.

Gifts from flowercard are each so personal and delicate the gardening mum will love it for sure. With a unique spin on the traditional gift basket mu will adore a present she can tend to.  

Buy Now from Flower Card – £25

The Funny Mum

The life of the party, the belle of the ball, mum was always the hostess with mostess. From playing practical jokes on dad to always having the best stories to tell the funny mums personality really is a force to be reckoned with. For the mums that always seem to be laughing the loudest we have the perfect gift for the them, The Giant Upside Down Wine Glass.

Make mum the centre of the party as friend watch in wonder and amusement as they try to decide if mum’s glass is trickery or she’s just had one too many Chardonnays already!

Buy Now from Prezzy Box – Was £10.99 now £9.95

The Super Working Mum

Mums work hard constantly, being a mum is hands down one of the hardest jobs in the world. So if you’ve got a mum that’s done motherhood and always been a hard working professional as well, then you really do have a superstar mum. So why not celebrate mum and all her hard work this Christmas, by getting her a present that will brighten up her work day.

This fantastic cupcake coaster brightens up any boring office and plugs into all usb ports to put an end to lukewarm drinks at work.

Buy Now from Genie Gadgets – £8.45

The Baking Mum

Remember being about 10 years old and coming home from school to smell mum had been baking, literally the best feeling in the world! If you were blessed enough to have a baking mum or unfortunately in my case have a mum that’s taken up baking now I’ve left home, then you know how incredible the feeling is when she’s been hidden away in the kitchen all day emerging covered in flour. So if any time is perfect for putting a few extra pounds on Christmas is definitely it.

Encourage mum to get her bake on this Christmas with these wonderful cake pop molds. Shaped in darling hearts and cupcake designs they look wonderful, and with cake pops being all the rage right now you may even be able to take a quick pick for instagram and pull them off as your own.

Buy Now from – £10.99

The Mum Who Has Everything

If your weekly calls with mum include her telling you about all the new things she’s bought and the darling shoe rack she just got that you just have to get for your place, then you’ll know when it comes Christmas it can be a real battle deciding what to get her. Get her something you’re sure she won’t already have, by getting her something personalised.

This gorgeous antique trinket box is a stylish addition to any room. Perfect size for jewellry items and knick knacks this is the perfect way to say I love you and spoil mum this Christmas.

Buy Now from Prezzy Box – Was £24.99 now £19.95

The Creative Mum

If you’ve got a mum that loves being creative and designing things, then treat her like the superstar she is this Christmas. Begin your day with a glass of bubbly and follow up by spending the day with mum designing your own unique perfume to create your own signature scent.

Follow up the experience with a darling afternoon tea for two, where you will be presented with a three tier selection of delicious sandwiches and cakes, served with tea or coffee.

Buy Now from Activity Superstore – was £129 now £99


Christmas Gift Guide – Boyfriend

With Christmas around the corner it seems that more you know a person the harder they are to buy for. Generally we want our gift to be witty, thoughtful and full of love, a tin of biscuits might not cut it for your spouse/other half. As you grow Christmas can seem as though it loses a little of the magic, nothing can ever compare to being little and rushing down stairs to see what was hidden under the tree, so it seems we often try to bring this magic back by creating a tree full of surprises for other people, be it your own children or even just your partner.

So if you’re stuck for ideas to make the day memorable then take a look at some of our unique gifts below perfect for your partner whatever he’s into.

The Football Mad Boyfriend

For all the football matches you’ve been to, for all the Saturday afternoons you’ve spent in the freezing cold and for all the overpriced cups of bovril, the girlfriends of the football mad boyfriends are there throughout it all. We wouldn’t change it for the world, because whether we enjoy football or not spending time with your partner doing something he loves is enough in itself to make us smile. So show him how much you care with the England 2016/17 home shirt. This year sponsored by nike in duel blue tones, you’ll be sure to give a gift he’ll love with this fantastic football shirt.

Buy Now from Classic Football Shirts Ltd- was £149 now £79.99

The Stylish Boyfriend

So fighting for the mirror and space in the wardrobe may be an absolute pain 364 days of the year but on Christmas I suppose it’s okay to make an exception. Your partner takes prides in his looks and you love that about him. While he may not always appreciate you buying him clothes because his personal style is very much his, these gorgeous black onyx cufflinks are the perfect statement piece to any shirt. Whether just for work or date night they complement every type of look.

So spoil your boyfriend this Christmas with these contemporary designed cufflinks. Presented in a gorgeous lacquered wood box, they make a striking gift for any stylish dresser.

Buy Now from Thomas Lyte – Was £50 now £45

The Hard Working Boyfriend

Your hard working boyfriend, is clever and so good at what he does. He works super hard to create a bright future for you both, and i’m sure you couldn’t be prouder. With all that hard work he does you’ll try to always brighten his day, so why not give him something this Christmas to make the mornings a little easier and maybe even get him excited to wake up. The secret agent alarm clock is all you need to make the boring mornings be gone. All he needs to do is roll over in bed, take aim and fire to project the time onto any surface.

This great clock features a time function, LED projector and snooze button. Keep it under the pillow and it will buzz him awake every morning!

Buy Now from Genie Gadgets – £13.95

The Gaming Boyfriend

If your boyfriend likes to spend his down time on his gaming console, or maybe it’s a hobby that you do together, then this year why not go all out and get your partner the new Playstation 4 slim. The PS4 Slim is a redesigned PS4 which brings an all-new construction, all-new controller and sleeker design to Sony’s existing PlayStation 4 console. It’s cutting-edge aesthetic and modern feel is simply spellbinding.

The new release boasts a 500GB hard drive – a drive which more than covers all gaming needs. When it comes to the PS4 Slim, it clear that big things really do come in small packages.

Buy Now from Zavvi – £269.99 (save £149.97)

The Gadget Boyfriend

It may seem that whatever your partner comes home with just seems to amaze you, and everyone around you. His love of gadgets and gizmos mean you have the coolest house ever, unfortunately it also means you’re forever trying to remember where everything is from to let eager guests know.

Well, this Christmas you can show him that you can find gadgets just as amazing as the ones he finds. Get him the Hexagon Levitate 2.0 – the gravity defying speaker. The wide audio 5 watt speaker floats on a cloud magnetism, in a stunning matte black sleek design.

Buy Now from Red5 – £99.99

The Adventurous Boyfriend

Shout out to the boyfriend that took you waterskiing for the first time. He got you to go to rock climbing and now has a bucket list of thing that to be quite honest may scare the average person, but if you happen to be in the possession of an adventurous boyfriend, you are not the average person.

This gift is perfect for explorers, adventurers and globetrotters alike, with the scratch-off world map he can work his way through the globe, marking off all the places you’ve been to from his bucket list.

Buy Now from – £9.99

The Motor Boyfriend

You spend your evenings watching reruns of top-gear, and your weekends watching formula 1. It’s a known fact that if you have a motor boyfriend you become quite okay with the fact that your first child will always be a car. Your partner calls the car his baby, looks after it as though it were a child and spends money on the car like it’s the only car he’ll ever have, but that’s okay it’s almost sweet to see such passion in his eyes. So this Christmas treat him to a day out he’ll never forget, let him take part in the race of the century where he’ll get to chose the supercar of his choice to race for a 3 mile track.

With such a huge variety of supercars, from the Audi R8 to the Nissan GTR he’ll be spoilt for choice this Christmas.

Buy Now from Experience Mad – was £59 now £39


Christmas Gift Guide – Girlfriend

She’s there every step of the way. When you decide you hate your job, when you just can’t get the washing machine to work and even when you’re ill and mum isn’t around to make you soup. Your girlfriend has always got your back and you know more than anyone she deserves to be spoiled rotten on christmas. She says she’s fine with anything for Christmas, you know this is not true.

Your girlfriend say’s she’ll love whatever you get her, this as you know is also not true. Gentle creatures, girlfriends will never tell you that you’ve got it completely wrong, but when you know they’ve researched and put hours of thought into what to get for you, it’s important to get her something that she will equally love and be truly happy with.

While you will always mean well with what you do get her, we also know it can be really difficult to find something that is to her taste or to suit her personality so we’ve got your back, below is a list of amazing and well thought out gifts to show your girlfriend you really do care and you can shop unsupervised.

The Sentimental Girlfriend

Somewhere under the bed, or maybe at the bottom of the wardrobe is a shoe box filled with cinema ticket stubs and other tokens of affection that she’s kept throughout the relationship. The sentimental girlfriend will always appreciate the small things that you do in the relationship and you can reflect on that in big way this Christmas with a personalised photo cushion.

It’s said that a picture says a thousand words, so say it all with this gift, working late nights? Away on business? Don’t let your girlfriend miss you and sleep alone give her a cute pillow with an even cuter picture of the two of you on it.

Buy Now from – £12.99


The Beauty Girlfriend

You know the one, I’ll be ready in 5 minutes usually leads to a 3 hour wait. There’s a whole concoction of bits and things but you’re not really sure what any of it is. So buying makeup would be an absolute treat, if you got it right, but the chances of man alone in a makeup shop doesn’t have the right ring to it. So put your faith in us and take a look at this fabulous Elizabeth Arden makeup set worth over £300.

Complete with 4 lipsticks, 4 lipgloss’, a 3 piece brush set, 2 eyeshadow palette’ and so much more! Shock your girlfriend to the core as she spends the entirety of Christmas day wondering how you suddenly got such fantastic taste in makeup.

Buy Now from Beauty Expert – £84 (Worth £349)

The Stylish Girlfriend

Stacks of Vogue, Elle and Glamour are piled on their night stand. Your girlfriend always looks absolutely fabulous. Now it may be noted that she often asks for your opinion on her outfits, when it seem she already has the answer and will pull faces at you until you give the right answer and all is happy as you’ve coincidentally happened to agree. We’ve got you covered again, this stylish statement piece tennis bracelet is the perfect accomplice for all outfits.

This beautiful bracelet is from the Annabella collection, made of Sterling Silver featuring 3.45cts of gorgeous Pink Tourmaline gems from Brazil. A timeless piece, this is a present that will last for many more Christmas’ to come.

Buy Now from Gemporia – £115


The Health Kick Girlfriend

Whether it’s a long standing thing, relatively new, or just something that she wants to get into, after Christmas. The healthy girlfriend will need your support in saying goodbye to chocolate and hello to salad. There’s no better way to show your support then with a Nutri Blitzer. Nutri Blitzer is the fast and easy way to get all the essential nutrients your body needs.

The precision-made steel extraction blades spin at over 19,000 rpm, creating a cyclonic vortex that pulverises seeds, leaves, skins, stems, peel and rind. ‘Blitzing’ in this way lets you unlock the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fibre that ordinary blenders leave behind.

Buy Now from JML direct – Was £79.99 now £59.99

The Selfie Girlfriend

So, you’re all ready to go out, all you have to do is leave. Unless you have a selfie obsessed then that doesn’t come easily, 10, 000 pictures must be taken before she has just one acceptable for instagram. Sometimes an annoying habit you do have to appreciate that you never have to struggle to look for a decent picture of yourself to update your profile picture.

Well waste no more time trying to get the perfect selfie, the selfie phone clip is the ideal present to ensure each and every selfie is picture perfect. Just pop the clip on and add a wide angle lens to any smartphone. Suddenly personal space is rediscovered and everyone in the shot is able to make an appearance.

Also ideal for panoramic shots, our Selfie Phone Clip comes battery free and housed in its own storage pouch so the perfect pocket companion.

Buy Now from Genie Gadgets – £5.95

The Efficient Girlfriend

The efficient girlfriend is a wonderful thing, she’s the reason you have a pint of water by the bed after a night out. She’s that magic reason all the pots are clean before bed and the one who has a diary full of all the things you’ve forgotten to do. Put a little fun into her Christmas, with a gift that is witty and equally as efficient.

Introducing the Before and After 5 Drinking Glass, the only glass she’ll ever need to get her from morning to evening. For the hard worker in everyone your girlfriend will love this witty mug/glass combo! From coffee to vino with only half the required washing up.

Buy Now from Prezzy Box – £15.95

The Spoilt Girlfriend

People think of the spoilt girlfriend as a bad thing, but it’s not, firstly girlfriends are spoilt by others so it’s not really her fault. Also spoilt is just another word for well looked after and you know she loves you so much and works so hard she deserves to be looked after. So how about this Christmas you treat your hardworking partner to a spa retreat for two. Relieve the stresses of daily life and indulge yourself in a day of pampering.

Choose from either a 25 minute Chocolate, Bamboo or Swedish back neck and shoulder massage and enjoy use of the health club’s facilities for the full day to leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.

Buy Now from Activity Superstore – £99

Christmas Gift Guide – Boys

Little boys can drive you crazy, it’s true. That’s why christmas is an important time of year, it’s at Christmas that you can work out how much free time or bored time they will get throughout the rest of the year. It’s important little boys get gifts that they will love to play with and that will last! We understand that sometimes gifts get played with once and never looked at again, that’s why we’ve created a list of long life gifts that will be much loved and played with for many many months to come.

Whether it’s sons, nephews or neighbours from 4 to 14 years old we have the gifts that you can’t go wrong with. So spoil them this Christmas with some fantastic gifts at very reasonable prices.

Wall Climbing Car

While remote control cars can seem like the most generic toy in the world for little boys he’ll go nuts for the wall climbing car. From floors to walls to the ceiling this remote control car defies gravity and brings hours of fun. With LED headlights, infrared control, and the ability to charge the car directly from the controller, the Wall Climbing Car is pretty cool, even if we do say so ourselves.

Buy Now from Genie Gadgets – £16.95

Sock Monkey Laundry Bag

If there’s a messy monkey in your life this present is absolutely perfect. Encourage some help around the house for mum by giving a little lad in your life this plush Sock Monkey Laundry Bag. Dirty clothes with never look cuter, and cleaning up will never be as fun, sitting on the floor or hanging in the wardrobe this clothing companion will be the best part of cleaning up for all messy monkeys.

Buy Now from – £25.99

Laser Dart Guns

If you’re buying for brothers this is the gift for you. Or maybe it’s not brothers and it’s you that wants to be player 2, whatever the reasoning this gift is fantastic fun. Go futuristic with these infrared guns and headsets, to bring laser tag to the home. The only thing better than toy guns for little boys is a laser shooting battle. The aim of the game is to shoot your opponent knocking out all the lights on their gun, so pick a side and transform your home into the ultimate battle ground!

Buy Now from Red5 – £49.99

Crystal Growing Kit

Do you have a budding scientist in your life? Get them something they’ll really enjoy this Christmas, with dozens of incredible crystals to grow 15 illuminating experiments to conduct, this is one gift they’ll not tire of. Experimenting with 4 chemically different crystals, and use dyes to create an array of colours. Mould your own geode, a hollow rock with crystals growing inside, and create a beautiful crystal cavern inside. Experiment with growing crystals rapidly and slowly, and observe how that affects the crystal structures. See if you can grow one giant crystal, and many small crystals on the surface of a rock. A perfect present for older children.

Buy Now from Hobby Craft – £25

Slush Maker

The best parts of summer as a child are obviously slush puppies in the kids club on holiday and Mr Whippy 99p cones. So why not bring a little summer home this Christmas by getting the kids a retro slush machine. Making a Slushie is easy. All you have to do is use crushed ice or small ice cubes, add a small amount of water and your favourite fruit juice. Then watch the Retro Slush Maker work its magic as it blends the ingredients and serves you a refreshing drink via the dispenser. To make soft serve ice cream is easy too! Pour your ice cream mixture directly into the unit through the square indention on the top of the unit. Then allow the mixture to blend for up to 15 minutes, then dispense! Perfect for the sweet tooth in your life.

Buy Now from Prezzy Box – £64.95


Christmas Gift Guide – Girls

Finding the right gift for little girls can be an impossible task, at Christmas time it can be hard to pick presents for children as you don’t want to get something they already have, or something they may not use. Whether you’re buying for your own daughter, your niece or simply just an important child in your life all the same worries are still there. Thats we’ve compiled a list of fun, unique gifts that all little girls will love and play with. We’ve made our list for you to check it twice to find the perfect gift for little girls that have been nice. There are creative kits for budding artists and sweet treats for the little sweetie in your life. The gifts are aimed at school aged children but can be given to any age that you find appropriate.

Shake n Make Ice Cream Maker

If you have a little girl with a sweet tooth in your life then this ice cream maker is the perfect gift! Make scrumptious ice cream in mere minutes, simply add the salt, ice and mixture into the machine and shake away for a frozen feast. A gift that will last and bring smiles all round for years to come.

Buy Now from Genie Gadgets – £12.95

Rainbow Maker

They say little girls are made out of rainbows and glitter. Now we’re not too sure if this is true but we certainly agree that little girls should be surrounded by beautiful things, flowers and rainbows. So transform her room into a rainbow paradise with these fantastic and seemingly magic rainbow maker. Project a beautiful spectrum to any wall to bring smiles all round this Christmas.

Buy Now from – £26.99

Creative Fedora Decorating Kit

Give little miss fashionista a present she’ll love with an absolutely Fedora-ble creative gift. Let them get creative with 4 colourful fabric marker pens to design their own patterns on a stylish fedora hat. One for the slightly older girls they’ll love the chance to become budding fashion designers.

Buy Now from Hobby Craft – £15

Speech Bubble Light Box

Let your little one get creative with this fantastic night light doodle board combo. Throughout the day they can get creative and draw to their heart’s content and in the evening use the bubble as a night light to illuminate their designs. Leave messages for you little one from a simple I love you to reminding them to brush before bed.

Buy Now from Red5 – £19.99

Magical Fairy Garden

Bring some real magic home this Christmas with this fairy wonderland kit. Using the instructions your little one can create an enchanted miniature cottage and magical fairy garden. This set brings hours of fun and helps little ones to learn all about the responsibility of maintaining and creating a beautiful garden. Use magical fairy dust to help make the grass grow and help make a very special little girl’s world much more magical.

Buy Now from Prezzy Box – £19.95


Great for kids, or dogs, if you’ve been watching the John Lewis’ Christmas ad. A trampoline is fun for the whole family, although too big to fit under the tree it makes a fantastic surprise for Christmas day. For a lifetime of enjoyment, trampolines can be used throughout the year and are a brilliant way for keeping the kids active. In an age of tablets and gaming consoles a trampoline is a fabulous way of bringing back some good old fashioned fun to the family.

Buy Now from Trampoline Warehouse – Was £239.99 now £169.99


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