Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Men (for ladies only)

Valentines day gift for men

With valentine’s day around the corner, many people still believe it’s supposed to be the holiday built around guys courting girls, bringing her roses and buying her chocolates.

This is lovely because which girl doesn’t want to be spoiled like that? but come to think of it, who is it that makes these rules? Do we really believe that the men in our lives don’t deserve to be spoiled too? Everyone wants to feel that warm sense of appreciation – even the men in our lives.

The pressure to exchange meaningful gifts to symbolise our love for one another is overwhelming. Our brains have become scrambled. The insight that we thought we had into each other’s wants and needs is shattered by an onslaught of adverts for cuddly toys and power tools. Panic sets in, and in the heat of the moment we spend our money on something that, when eventually unwrapped, has all the romantic allure of a council-tax bill.

With Christmas having so soon left us, everything your partner needs or maybe wants, he’s could have recently had. So the best advice for finding the perfect valentine’s present is to focus on the romance. If you’re struggling for ideas on what to get your man, then take a look below at our list of romantic gifts for every guy.

  1. Keepsake Memory Box

Sometimes it can be hard to create romance if your partner is already the most romantic person in the world. That’s why the keepsake memory box is the perfect gift for these types of boyfriends.

If you constantly feel loved and spoiled by partner then what better way to show them that you appreciate them and all the memories you’ve made together than a box filled with all the little tokens you’ve collected. Give them this gift filled with memories or alongside a couples bucket list – celebrate the time you’ve had together, or embrace the idea of years of memories to come.
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  1. Giant Jelly Baby

Since the traditional gift for valentine’s day is sweets and candies then you can’t really go wrong with this one. Guys likes sweet things just as much as us girls do, in fact if your partner is anything like mine then he’s the one who’d prefer food gifts.

So this year go big or go home and get your man the ultimate candy. Weighing in at a whopping 1k this delicious fruit flavoured jelly sweet is over 200 times bigger than the original sweetshop version.
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  1. Mini Chocolate Fondue Set

If you have a chocoholic partner then this is the perfect gift. Dim the lights, light a few candles, and you have a night of sensual chocolatey goodness.

A romantic evening that can surprisingly bring out the adventurous side of your partner that you may not have seen before.  Easy to clean and small for storage the compact fondue set is the perfect size for two.
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  1. Tippi Frill Babydoll

If you’re looking for a more hands on gift then this could be the perfect gift for your partner. Although it’s something for you to add to your wardrobe, you’re basically putting a bow on his favourite thing in the world. Some may say that this is the ultimate cheesy Valentine’s Day present – and yeah we agree but a classic is a classic. Red is the colour of love and lace is the sign that’ll it’ll be a great night.

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  1. Black Vintage Speaker


There’s nothing more romantic than music, no romance movie would be the same without that soft lullaby playing in the background. If your partner is a bit of a music fanatic then this could be the perfect gift.The built-in stereo speakers mean that it’s ready to go out of the box but if you want to hook it up to another hi-fi set up, then there are L/R outputs located on the back of the machine.
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  1. Bungee Jumping Experience

Make this Valentine’s Day a day he’ll never forget with the experience of a lifetime.

Valentine’s Day so often gets a reputation for being soppy and very feminine based, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If your sweetheart has an eye for adventure and a wild side that cannot be tamed then what better way to celebrate the day than with a tribute to pure adventure. Give the thrill of the century by getting your partner to launch himself from a 160ft platform and plummet towards the ground. Within moments, his bungee rope will safely catch him, and he’ll be filled with a uniquely euphoric feeling as he dangles triumphantly above the ground.

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  1. Jean Paul Gaultier

This fragrance offers a unique game of hot and ice cold notes to make this ultra-fresh scent that exalts the unbridled sensuality of every man. Fragrance is the go to gift for romantic partners and this particular scent is seductive and powerful – the ultimate aphrodisiac.
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  1. Personalised Wallet

This classic bifold tanned calf leather wallet is a stunning gift. There’s no better way to say I love you than this hand crafted personalised wallet. With four credit card slots, two large compartments for notes and a convenient gusseted coin pocket, this accessory is perfect for those who prefer a more traditional model, executed with a stylish flair. It’s sleek design also allows it to be easily slipped into your pocket or briefcase.

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  1. Novel Travel Bag

Gym fanatic or weekend traveller – this bag is a stylish addition to every gentleman’s wardrobe. A Valentine’s Day gift that may seem a little unorthodox but sometime the most romantic gestures can be knowing exactly what your partner wants/needs. The Novel duffel bag in canvas with faux leather handles by HERSCHEL – makes for a fantastic gift.

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  1. Karma Sutra 365 Book

While the romance of valentine’s day is highlighted in every aspect – it’s important to remember that more often than not it leads back to the bedroom, so why not get your partner a gift that will spice up your life, and last for a full year. This fully illustrated and detailed book provides you a new a position for every spot in the house. Surprise your partner this valentine’s day with this little book of naughtiness.
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  1. Sterling Silver & Black Grained Calf Leather Cufflinks

This simple and understated design makes for a sophisticated twist on a timeless piece. If you really want to spoil your man this Valentine’s Day then these cufflinks are the ideal gift. Perfect for day and night, the hand made leather surface texture encased in sterling silver, is a true testament to your love.

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  1. Watch

A watch is a gift that never goes out of style. Perfect for every occasion this timeless watch is perfect for every guy. The elegant yet traditional look features a black genuine leather strap which connects to the stainless steel casing a timepiece direct from Emporio Armani. A fine gift for the love in your life.

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  1. Curtis Lilac Slim Fit Shirt

You may think that it’s only women that like to be bought fancy dresses and whisked away on romantic dates, but never underestimate the power of a nice shirt. Sometimes the men in our lives want to be spoilt just as much as we do. Cut from pure cotton this shirt features lilac checks, single cuffs and a slim silhouette.

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  1. Tablet Holder

Bring Valentine’s Day into the 21st century with this  stylish 2 tone tablet holder. The Umbra Udock Copper Tablet Stand features a modern two tone colour scheme of copper and black, and can hold all models of tablets!

Made of a non-slip silicone, this stylish stand will hold your partner’s favourite tech in place and will also protect it from scratches – no excuses for below the chin facetime sessions.

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  1. Breakfast With Tigers

Throw caution to the wind and treat your guy to the breakfast of his life. Stereotypes state that your guy will take you out for dinner on Valentine’s day – so why not create your own stereotype and take him out for breakfast. Enjoy a personal tour of the Big Cat Territory to see one of the UK’s best collections of Big Cats, before the park opens to the public.

You’ll see African Lions, White Lions, Tigers, Leopards Jaguars and Cheetahs, finishing at the Snow Leopards.

During your tour you will not only learn about each cat’s individual characteristics and personality but also some amazing facts about the different species housed at the park. After a wide selection of breakfast you’re free to explore the park as you please for the rest of the day.

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