The Best Time to Buy Everything – A Month-by-Month Guide


Whether you’re the ultimate bargain hunter, an avid deal seeker, on a budget or just always looking out for the next best sale – then we’re sure that over the years you’ve learnt a thing or two. If you’re up at 4am for the Next sales, Black Friday and boxing day sales like clock work, armed with a plan to prove you are the best money saving shopper there ever was, then we’re sure you’ll appreciate knowing when the best time to buy things is.

Every time you go shopping, be it for toys, TVs or tablecloths, whether it’s Black Friday or a Tuesday in June, it always feels good to come home with enough saved cash in your pocket and plenty of amazing deals in your bags. Of course It’s not that you can’t afford the retail prices, it’s that you know you can beat them and you revel in thrill of the bargain hunt.

If you feel like you could be doing more to become a smarter shopper then you’re in the right place. While hitting all the major sales is a big part of being a savvy shopper – saving money is actually a year round job. It is common knowledge that certain things, like plane tickets and restaurant meals, are cheaper when you buy them on specific days but what you might not know is that this concept extends to pretty much everything that you could ever want to buy, from flowers and foods to sporting equipment and home goods.

Take a look below at our in depth breakdown of what to buy and when. Sorted month by month, days of the week and times of day below you’ll find all the best times that you should buy everything you could ever need.


This is the perfect month for gift cards, holiday decorations and most Christmas themed things – the most obvious choice for things to buy in Jan. Other things you’ll find at discount are, calendars and planners, children’s toys, exercise equipment, clothing, wedding items and linens.

The best deals on foods is for citrus fruits, broccoli, leeks and frozen turkeys. If you’re planning your holiday in January then the most discounted place to visit New York.

Check out travel insurance and other holiday extras. If you are looking to park at Heathrow airport, you can get up to 50% off when you book early.

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The first note is that February 15th is the day for discount chocolates. However this month is also the ideal time to buy televisions, new years eve decorations and furniture. The best deals on foods is for steak, seafood and of course (again) chocolates. For best deals on somewhere to travel head over to Chicago this February.

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As we head into spring you’ll find this month is best for buying outdoor toys, camping equipment, winter clothing and perfume and colognes. The best deals on foods will be for corned beef and cabbage (usually after St Patrick’s day) and frozen foods. The place to travel this month with the best deal is Boston.

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April see’s the best deals in St. Patrick’s day decorations, car maintenance, shovels and many other winter weather tools. The best deals on foods will be for sweets, hams/gammons, artichokes and courgettes. The ideal travel spot for the best deal in April is South East Asia.

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The month of relaxation – or so it seems. This month is best for fantastic deals spa packages. It’s also great for easter decorations and BBQ tools. The best deals on foods will be for cherries, rhubarb, hot dogs and burgers. The place for travel this month is the Virgin Islands.

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Shout out to all the fathers day sales, as June creates the best month of year to buy all your tools. However if that’s not for you, then June is also the month for buying your yearly Gym memberships. The best deals on foods will be for dairy products and tomatoes. This is the month for discount travel to Utah, Canada, Colorado and all off peak ski destinations offering fab deals this month.

Check out gears for skiing, mountaineering and other outdoor activities

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This month has a relatively small list but with Jeans and Winter coats being July’s go to items, you can see there’s huge savings to be made. Stock up ready for the winter months with big savings on your wardrobes go to items. The best deals on foods will be corn, plums and nectarines. Get the best deals for a trip to Florida this July and have your summer in style.

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As we’re fast approaching the back to school season it’s no surprise that some of the greatest deals this month are school and office supplies and college textbooks. Shortly followed by kitchen accessories August is a great month for savings. The best deals on foods will be berries, peaches, apricots, watermelons and green peppers. The place for travel this month is Mexico.

Get the right shoes for your kids to go back to school from startrite

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As summer draws to an end September is the ideal month for great deals on swimsuits, pool toys and summer clothes and shoes. This month also has amazing deals on computers and laptops – being the best month to buy these. The best deals on foods this month will be broccoli and apples. The deal of the month for travel in September leaves you heading out to Hawaii.

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As the weather gets colder, our monthly deals only get hotter. This month sees some fantastic deals in air conditioning systems, lawn mowers and patio furniture. The best deals this month for foods are for grapes, yams and apples. This month is go to destination spot is the Dominican Republic.

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As you can imagine the biggest deals you’ll find in November are for Halloween decorations, costumes and sweets and candies. However moving away from discounted holiday treats November is also the best month to get top deals on all flooring and carpeting and both outdoor and indoor grills. The best deals on foods in this month are for pumpkins and cranberries (for what may seem like obvious reasons). Your travel deal destination of the month is Rio de Janeiro.

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This month is a big one – for all the generic reason but also for your BIG discounts and deals. The biggest notable deal in December is retail – during the winter off-season, you’ll find the best deals. December is also the month to get your new car if one is needed – along with your golf clubs and restaurant gift certificates. Your go to deals for foods this month are pears, mushrooms and sweet potatoes. The big winter holiday deal actually sways between 2 very different vacation spots Las Vegas and Frankfurt.

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Weekly Guide

If you’re out on any day of the week, planning to pick something up or have go out somewhere this week (or any week in fact) then take a look below and see if you can save some pennies by planning which days you should be spending on. While the list below cannot help if the stores you visit are having a particular sale – if you’re in good knowledge of everything being full retail price then the breakdown below will help you get some serious savings.

So now you have all you need to turn this extra knowledge into extra cash. If it’s all too much for you to memorise, save this page as we’re sure you’ll be looking for it in the future. It’s one thing to be a savvy shopper, and we know all our readers are – but now we dub thee a smarter shopper! So happy shopping and even happier saving.


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