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Over the past few years Christmas jumpers have slowly become a more permanent fixture in the festive period. Love them or loathe them chances are you’ll end up in one. Work parties, charity days or family get-together, there always seems there’s some event that requires you all wear Christmas jumpers to get into the festive spirit.

Christmas jumpers became popular in the 1980’s after a variety of television presenters such as Giles Bandreth and Timmy Mallet began to wear them during the holiday season, the popularity heightened as they were seen to be an embarrassment gift after appearing in 2001 in Bridget Jones diary and today they can be seen in nearly every shop with often charity events and Christmas parties having required dress codes of Christmas jumpers.

2012 saw the rise of celebrity endorsements for Christmas jumpers, with huge named stars sporting the festive look. Celebrities as diverse as Kanye West, Cheryl Cole, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Matt Damon, Samantha Cameron and Snoop Dogg have all been pictured in various woollen improvisations on the theme.

Celebrities on Christmas jumper

The trend has taken the fashion industry by storm with high-end designers such as Ralph Lauren, Stella Mccartney and Moschino even joining in on the act.

While individuals might insist they are wearing a sweater ironically to give themselves an emotional get-out, it is believed that deep down they are expressing a longing for the comforting certainties of a traditional Christmas. In addition to that, the fact that the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day is on Friday, December 16, 2016, you have the perfect excuse to do a spot of shopping for yourself in between the dreaded Christmas gift shopping.

The idea of finding the perfect jumper is dependent on your personal taste. What some may describe as a simple and seasonal design, others may find boring. On the other hand, what could be seen as fun and festive can often also get the label of “over the top” and “embarrassing”. As is with all fashion statements, it is entirely down to personal taste. Whatever that taste may be, we have selected a jumper for everyone, all at reasonable prices.

The Classic

The classic Christmas jumper may sometimes be seen as old fashioned, but as the old saying goes, you can never go wrong with a classic. In previous years these types of jumpers would only be worn by an older generation, but today however it’s the height of Christmas fashion, worn by all ages. From television presenters to hipsters alike the classic Christmas jumper is a timeless piece, essential to every winter wardrobe. Small Christmas themed patterns are perfect for you to wear all winter not just over the initial Christmas period.

Women’s Classic Christmas Jumper from Boohoo

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Men’s Classic Christmas Jumper from Boohoo

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The Witty

A witty Christmas jumper is a fairly new trend, taking what some people make as an embarrassing tradition and turning it into a bit of a joke. People often see witty Christmas jumpers as a way of expressing their own personal sense of humour with in what they wear. On a day to day basis over the past few years we’ve seen more and more of high street fashion taking a turn for the wit. Every day Tee’s often now posses a witty slogan or humorous picture making our clothes the discussion piece for many gatherings and as all trends it’s made it’s way into our Christmas wear with some truly witty Christmas jumpers available across the web and in stores.

Women’s Witty Christmas Jumper by Forever 21

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Men’s Witty Christmas Jumper by Boohoo

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The Relevant

The relevant much like the witty is often worn as a conversation piece, based around a humorous slogan or event that has taken place this year. The key difference between the two is the relevant only tend to last a year maybe two, witty jumpers however are jokes that are timeless. That shouldn’t put you off, perfect for a younger generation relevant Christmas jumpers are the go to gift for any 20 something student.

Women’s Relevant Christmas Jumper by Forever21

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Men’s Relevant Christmas Jumper by BoohooMAN

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The Novelty Jumper

In recent years having just a simple character design is cute enough to be festive, and in most cases stick a santa hat on them and it’s double the festive cheer. It’s not quite christmas without a fun novelty jumper making moves somewhere around the Christmas party, so why not be the one to sporting it. Whether you’re wearing your favourite Disney character or just a simple snowman. Novelty jumpers are an old time classic, perfect for jumper days at work and christmassy weekends, bright and colourful without pulling too much focus.

Women’s Novelty Christmas Jumper by WearAll

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Men’s Novelty Christmas Jumper by Brand Attic

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The Fashionable

For those that aren’t over the moon about wearing Christmas jumpers, this time of the year can be a constant battle. When everybody decides you’re a scrooge because you refuse to chose festivities over fashion, it can be very annoying. The most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be one or the other, no where in the rule book does it say that Christmas jumpers have to be sprinkled in glitter with Santa’s head on them. For those of you who looking for something a little more reserved this Christmas jumper day, try a more chic look with trimmed neck lines and sequinned embellishments. A suitable choice for those looking to stay festive without compromising their need for high power fashion.

Women’s Fashionable Christmas Jumper by Forever21

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Men’s Fashionable Christmas Jumper by John Lewis

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The Christmas Overload

If you like Christmas, and I mean really like Christmas then the chances are you already have a million and one Christmas jumpers. The fact is if you enjoy a good old festively themed party then the evolution of Christmas jumpers over the last few years will no doubtedly have made you happy. From flashing lights to, protruding carrot noses, for some the whackier the jumper, the better. A fantastic conversation piece and a truly incredibly masterpiece the Christmas overload jumpers can brighten up everybody’s mood, whether in the office or at a family party. We’ve specially picked the best of the bunch for 2016, from outrageous ride alongs to 3D fantasies these truly are the ideal jumpers for Christmas lovers.

Women’s Christmas Overload Jumper by UCS

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Men’s Christmas Overload Jumper by Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

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