15 Valentine’s day gift for your woman


Watch any romance movie or in fact any movie at all, and you’ll see that stereotypically men aren’t very good at buying presents for the ladies in their lives.

Typically, most men in these films leave it to the day before, or sometimes even the night before, to frantically run around the soon to be closed store searching for the perfect gift. It’s a fact that stuffed animals, drugstore chocolates and heart-shaped anythings are not good gifts. I mean – they are if you’re 13 and spending your pocket money, but i guess you’re not, so they are horrible gifts. Let’s be honest you’re better than that.

So what should you get your sweetheart on the most romantic holiday of the year? If you’re drawing a blank then don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

  1. Chocolate


This could quite possibly be the most generic Valentine’s day present you could get your partner, but as the saying goes, it’s not what you do it’s how you do it. This chocolate square says more than I love you – that’s exactly what it says. This is the perfect gift to tell your partner how much they mean to you. This special treat is as yummy to eat as the words are to hear.

Get this chocolate box from Prezzy Box for £4.95 (RRP £7.00)

  1. Personalised Cushion

One thing that men will never really understand is why females love to have decorative pillows on the bed. It’s a mystery that will more than likely stay a mystery. For a gift that she’ll love this eye catching personalised pillow is the perfect reminder of your love for each other. Personalised to say whatever you want – even when you’re not together you’re not quite apart.

Personalise your own pillow at Gifts.co.uk for just £14.99

  1. Prynt Iphone Case

If your partner is a selfie queen or scrapbook manic, she will love this Iphone 6/6s case to print out all her favourite snaps.

Simply attach the case and take or upload your favourite pictures to print. Easy to use and works anywhere Prynts only take a few seconds to print and double up as stickers -perfect for scrapbooks! You can use the Prynts app to view and edit pictures before you print them. Make pictures real again and don’t let them get lost online, give her a gift she’ll really appreciate.

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  1. Movie Night In Set

A two in one gift, this is perfect if you’re not particularly excited about dressing in a suit to be sat in a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day. An evening snuggled up on the sofa watching movies and eating popcorn sometimes is just what the doctor ordered.

So treat your special lady to a night just for her, pick her favourite chick flick or rom com, light a few candles and dedicate the night to her. This gift can be used and reused to make movie night even more fabulous.

Buy this now From Genie Gadgets for £12.45

  1. Flowers

Flowers are the most traditional of gifts that you could get your partner this valentine’s day. So why not get flowers with a slight twist this year. Get your love a card personalised with your own message housing a beautiful mini bouquet of roses. Make your roses means something more this year, with the unique and creative help of flowercard.

Buy Now From Flowercard £20.00

  1. The Dress

We’ve all seen that film where the guy leaves his girl a dress and a note saying be ready by 8. It’s a romantic gesture that every lady will have seen and thought – yeah that doesn’t happen in real life. So why not be the exception? This beautiful dress is that perfect combination of classy and sexy – perfect for a romantic Valentine’s dinner out. Just be sure to check her wardrobe for the right size.

Buy Now From Hot mess for £12 (was £40.00)

  1. Gold Dipped Rose

Many people don’t see the point in giving flowers as a gift, because they only tend to last a few weeks before they begin to look sad and need throwing away. Avoid the guilt of buying a temporary gift and get this gorgeous 24 Carat Gold Dipped Rose. Gift this everlasting flower to a loved one as the ultimate display of affection.

Buy this gorgeous 24 Carat Gold Dipped Rose From Gifts.co.uk  for £49.99

  1. Massage Kit

This is the ultimate gift to pamper your partner. If you’re hoping for a sensual night-in together, then look no further. This luxurious set includes massage oil, warming aphrodisiac oil, edible Sweet Snow body powder and a handmade feather tickler. All fragranced with the sweet scent of sparkling strawberries and champagne. So turn out the lights, light a few candles and let the Shunga massage kit do the rest.

Buy Now From Pabo for £55.95

  1. Mini Pressure Point Foot Massager

Can’t afford to whisk your partner off to a spa for a weekend? Don’t have the time? We have you covered. Work, exercise, high heels, looking after the kids – they all take a toll on your feet. The Best Foot Forward Mini Foot Massager gives soles the TLC they need: using six massaging rollers and stimulating vibrations, it reinvigorates tired feet, helping your partner to relax and unwind after hard, stressful days. On the go or at home this compact massager is small enough to fit into any of her many bags for on the relaxation.

Buy Now From JML £9.99 

  1. Vera Wang Be Jeweled

Generic Valentine’s Day gift number 2. Perfume is one of the most go-to gifts on valentine’s day but that’s because it’s a classic and classics never go out of style. “Vera Wang be jewelled” was inspired by luxurious and precious gems – let your partner know she’s your precious gem with this sweet and seductive scent.

Buy Now From Fragrance Direct £23.95 (original price £55.00) 

  1. Silver Ruby Heart Locket

Now jewellery can be a difficult one for Valentine’s Day – pulling a small jewellery box on this day can lead to a very disappointed looking partner. So opt for a necklace – which comes in a bigger box. If red is the colour of love and hearts are the symbol of love then this necklace is the perfect gift. Make the gift even more memorable by adding in a picture of the two of you as a little surprise beforehand.

Buy Now From Gemondo £39.00

  1. Mermaid Tail Blanket

There’s a 99% chance that all women have seen this gift on social media and want one! The problem is, it’s one of those things you see but never really buy, so surprise her on Valentine’s Day with the ultimate snuggle buddy. Create early retirement for yourself as your partner no longer needs you there for her to put her freezing cold feet on you each evening. Available in a variety of colours – but when in doubt go for pink.

Buy Now From Boohoo £18.00

  1. Champagne

This may be the cliche of gifts but it is certainly one of the best cliches to date. For many of us champagne is only drank on special occasions or when we have something to toast,  it makes the evening seem meaningful and a change from the usual. Make a toast to love and treat your sweetheart an evening of luxury with this rich palate of citrus and hazelnut flavours – a truly exquisite champagne Le Mesnil Blanc is the perfect gift for someone you love.

Buy Now From Waitrose Cellar £40.00

  1. Watch

A watch is a gift that never goes out of style. Perfect for every occasion this timeless watch is the ideal combination of style and class. The rose gold plated finish gives the watch an air of elegance, while the simplistic design allows for the Accurist London watch to blend well into all outfits.

Buy Now From Watch Superstore £51.00 (RRP £80.00)   

  1. Deluxe Spa Day

Give your love a whole day to relax and be pampered at one of many spa’s included in this fantastic package. Let her know how special she is by creating a day out to spoil her and pamper her entirely. Enjoy a 55 minute treatment together and then spend the rest of day to use the spa’s facilities as you both wish. Depending on the location you’ve chose facilities generally include a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, solarium and gym. You can even enjoy any fitness classes that may be available on the day from a choice of Tai Chi, pilates, boxercise and aerobics, subject to availability.

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Let us know what you are getting for your woman this valentine day. Leave a comment below.


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