5 Personalised Gifts to Celebrate Dads and Granddads, this Father’s Day


Sometimes gift shopping can be a real nightmare. Shopping centres can be hectic places and if you cannot find what you are looking for, your stress levels will be on the rise. If you are fed up of buying the same old generic gifts for dad when it comes to christmas, birthdays and fathers or are struggling to think of the perfect present, why not consider buying him a personalised gift?

They say ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and that is certainly true of personalised gifts. Having a gift personalised for your dad, will show him that you have put thought and care into your choice. Whereas some gifts you may get him are easily forgotten about a few weeks after father’s day, keepsake gifts that have been personalised are more often than not treasured forever.

There is nothing worse than feeling like you have bought your dad the best gift ever; only to find that your sibling has bought them exactly the same thing (last year on mother’s day my mum received 3 bottles of chardonnay, 2 boxes of chocolates and 3 bunches of flowers). This can be easily avoided by choosing personalised gifts instead. By personalising a gift with your dad’s name or having a special message written on it, you can ensure the gift is truly unique and something he will treasure for very long time.

  1. Photo Mug

This is the ideal gift for dads that work in offices or are retired. If your dad is now a granddad this is a great gift to showcase a picture of himself and grandchild, a perfect way to casually show them off to his friends and co-workers. Not just granddads though, stick a picture of dad and all his children on the cup and watch it become his favourite possession.

This stunning satin-gloss finish glass can be printed with a favourite photo around the entire edge. The eye-catching cup looks great on the kitchen side or an office desk – it looks so good it’s the perfect gift. This classic gift idea always goes down well, and is much more appreciated than the standard dad mug recieved on father’s day.
Available at Gifts.co.uk

  1. BBQ King Apron

My dad always says – “no man is ready to father a child until he has first mastered the grill” 🙂 and for that reason your dad has truly earned the Personalised BBQ King Apron. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting hotter, and your dad is adamant that all your family will be eating for dinner for the next three months, is grilled burgers and sausages.

Rather than trampling all over his ‘brilliant’ idea, earn some serious brownie points by treating your old man to a Personalised BBQ King Apron and watch how you have made his summer. It’s a fantastic gift for all the outdoorsy dads this father’s day, even if you can’t stand his burnt sausages, let him know he’s the only man in your life that will ever be “king of the grill”.
Available at Genie Gadgets

  1. Hip Flask Set

If your dad enjoys the occasional tipple, why not get him this sophisticated hip flask set so he can do it in style. The stainless steel flask is cased in faux leather, trimmed with brown sewn features, with a stainless steel plaque in the centre where you can have dads name or a personal nickname he has, engraved on to it. The set also features a funnel and two stainless steel shot glasses also encased in faux leather.

This is the perfect gift for dad, and a great way to know he’ll always think about you when he sits down with friends to share in a little drink.
Available at Light in the Box 

  1. Whisky Glass

Whisky – the drink of gentlemen!

This Personalised Whisky Glass is the perfect drinking vessel for dad to enjoy a sophisticated evening drink! If your dad is a whisky lover with a taste for the finer things in life, present him with a personalised glass for his favorite drink. Choose from one of the classic designs and add the name of the whisky connoisseur. This glass is a one-of-a-kind gift that exudes class and elegance!
Available at Gifts.co.uk

  1. iPhone Case

If you have a young dad, buying gifts for your partner on behalf of your kids or your dad is just tech savvy, then this personalised iPhone case is the ideal gift for him. A gift he’ll use everyday for the rest of his phones life – a brilliant way to remind him how much you love him every single day. You can decorate his iPhone case with any image you wish and protect his phone from damage at the same time.

You can either use one of your dads favourite photographs or an interesting piece of artwork that he enjoys. This cover is designed to fit an iPhone 5 (although there are other models available), leaving all the appropriate gaps for the camera and cable slots. This is big enough to display most images in detail. You can also write a personalised message to dad over the image with the handy, easy-to-use personalisation tool.
Available at Gifts.co.uk

Have you got any other personalised gift ideas? Share them with us in the comment section below.


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