10 Products to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer While Saving you Hundreds of Pounds


Fortunately or unfortunately, however you look at it, summer break is upon us. Parents everywhere are facing 6 weeks at home with their children, no school, no after-school clubs and for some, no nursery. The bleak truth is, children get very bored, very easily and from there it can make mum and dad’s lives very stressful. Over the summer holidays a lot of parents toy with the ultimatum of keeping the children at home to get bored, frustrated and let’s face it, a little annoying or spend hundreds of pounds each week taking them out on numerous day trips and activities.

What if we told you we could keep your children entertained at home, for the majority duration of the summer holidays for just £131.92. That’s only £22 per week, and just over £3 per day with a new game or activity every 4 or 5 days!

  1. A Pool

Buying a paddling pool for the summer holidays, if the best purchase you’ll find you’ve made. They’re a summer treat that can be brought out on multiple days throughout the holidays – weather allowing that is. Slice up some fruit and pop some ice cream in the lemonade and then you and the kids can spend hours and hours of fun in the pool. I’ll never forget the day my mother brought out the swimming pool for the first time in the summer and no one was allowed to play in it until the bedrooms were cleaned, and that was how i learnt to clean an entire room in 5 minutes flat.

The children will adore this treat and if it gets old just empty it out, fold it away and let the excitement return a few days later. This giant family rectangular pool is perfect for cooling off on those hazy summer days in the garden. The pool is a 2 ring sturdy construction and is suitable for the whole family.
Available for just £24.99 at QD Stores

  1. John Adams Kitchen Chemistry Set

Unfortunately for the children enjoying their summer holidays, the sad truth is that in England we still might get miserable weather, regardless of what month it is. So as parents we need to be prepared for those days where we just can’t go outside, even if you have a home filled with toys it’s sometimes just not enough. That’s why we think the kitchen chemistry kit is a must have for every home. You can spend some quality time with the children walking them through 40 chemistry experiments. Don’t fret if you’re not a scientist yourself, all the experiments are done using everyday kitchen ingredients and anything needed that you wouldn’t find in the average kitchen can be found in the chemistry set. The pack contains up to 12 components to use with your surroundings, including test tubes, sand, food colouring and goggles for safety. Your little ones will love learning all about cooking and science combing with this fantastic rainy day ready kit.

Available for just £19.00 at Hobbycraft

  1. My Living World Bug Safari Kit

If your children are adventurous and love the outdoors, then this kit is perfect for them! All children love bugs, and this kit provides them with easy to use, professional quality equipment to enable them to catch, study and identify commonly found mini-beasts in their gardens, in parks or in the countryside, wherever the warm weather takes you. The kit also includes a full colour booklet written by wildlife expert Nick Baker on how to use the equipment, and charts to help identify the creatures caught. The Bug Safari Kit is everything that the budding naturalist needs to catch, study and identify mini-beasts. This kit provides not hours, but days of fun as the children can keep on revisiting their favourite spots to see how the mini-beasts they found have grown and changed.

Available for just £10.00 at Hobbycraft 

  1. Mr. Monster Play Dough Set

Playdough has been used to keep children entertained for many years now and we’re sure we’ll be using it for many more years to come. Playdough is all about creativity and allowing your children to make whatever in the world they want. You may find however sometimes they get a little bored of it and suddenly the excitement is no longer there. You can bring the excitement back to playdough with the Mr Monster play set. Featuring a colourful array of monster facial features, your children can build the bodies and faces out of playdough and then add these wonderful features to make scary or silly monsters.

Create monsters, swap and change features to make a huge variety of monsters, the kit comes with 5 different coloured playdough tubs that they can mix together or use separately to create some spooky designs. Of course we know that playdough can get lost, or become damaged so we’ve found a fantastic home made recipe so you can make homemade dough quickly and easily in just 10 minutes. Visit living well mom to see how.

Available for just £5.99 £4.99 at Bargain Crazy

  1. XXXL Pack of Cards

When the sun is shining it’s only natural for the kids to want to play outside, however most parents find themselves day after day collecting in hordes of toys from the back garden to bring back inside. These XXXL pack of cards is the perfect game for playing outdoors. Whether your child is playing on their own or with siblings and friends these hilariously huge cards will give them hours of fun, without worrying about losing any of them within the garden! If you really want to give them a treat, find a step ladder and challenge them to build the biggest house of cards that they can.

Available for just £12.99 at Gifts.co.uk 

  1. Kids DJ Play Mat

If your children love music, or even just love making noise, this is the perfect activity to keep them occupied. The multifunctional DJ play mat for kids features, a real keyboard with 24 key, 4 drums, 8 different rhythms, a scratching desk and so much more. The built-in microphone and speakers take the fun to a new level, allowing the possibility to give radio-style shout-outs to the family just like a dubstep MC! The DJ play-mat comes with an integrated demo, a playback function and even karaoke. You and your child can adjust both the tempo and volume like a pro with this one of a kind gift. You can even bring your favourite tunes into the mix by connecting any MP3 player.

Available for just £33.99 £19.99 at Gifts.co.uk 

  1. Instant Air Hockey

Bring the arcade to your home with this old school favourite game Air Hockey, with this instant kit you can make any tabletop your game station, so let the games commence! The clever hockey puck floats on a bed of air just like it does in the real game you find in the arcade, just pick a smooth table or surface to play on and you’re ready to go! It guarantees to keep your little or big kids entertained and makes a sleepovers much more exciting when they have friends over. And when it’s just for the family, why not start a family tournament? Just remember to clear the dining table in time for tea!

Available for just £9.99 at Prezzybox

  1. Magic Sand

If your kids are getting to that point where school is nothing more than just a distant memory, then magic sand is the perfect way to get them back into the spirit, in an enjoyable and entertaining way. Show the children just how exciting and fun science can be by introducing them to hydrophobic magic sand – the sand that never gets wet! Sounds impossible, but this cool sand is able to be submerged in water whilst staying in any shape that you make it into.

The set contains three different coloured sands that can be moulded and shaped into 3 dimensional shapes, with its special coating that repels water, the sand will always remain dry.Then when taken out the water the sand goes back to its original form, meaning it can be used over and over again throughout the summer holidays. The children will love this activity, as will not only educate them, but will keep them entertained for hours.

They can create a magical underwater kingdom that they will love showing off to their friends before they reveal the magic of the sand! It’s also a great alternative to a craft set for those children who love arts and crafts.

Available for just £4.99 £3.99 at Prezzybox 

  1. Smelli Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff turns water into goo and then back again – and now it comes in 4 fantastic fragrances! The goo is a completely harmless powder that soaks up 400 times its own weight in water. When the fun’s all done, add the dissolver sachet and the goo disappears. Smelli Gelli Baff leaves no stains or marks and is completely safe to use. You can fill the bath, a bowl or even the paddling pool if it’s warm outside, and there you have hours of gooey fun for all the kids.

Simply mix 40 litres of warm water with the entire sachet of the goo formula over the surface of the bath and leave for two minutes. Let the children watch in amazement as the boring water magically starts to turn into a fun, thick goo that smells incredible. Then stir well and have fun!

Available for just £5.99 at Prezzybox

  1. Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

The best days out during the summer holidays are undoubtedly trips to the beach. So what do we do when we cannot whisk the kids of to the beach? We make a beach in the back yard! This is easily transported and swiftly inflated, using a pump or your lungs, beach ball will allow you to have endless amounts of summer fun with the kids. Avoid a moment’s boredom by chucking this great big beach ball around. Brightly coloured and soft, it moves slow enough and its impact is so pain-free that all ages can all get involved, without having to worry about it being too rough. This stupendous ball is suitable for all sorts of environments: at the beach, by the pool; in the garden – just watch it doesn’t hit the BBQ!

Available for just £16.99 £14.99 at Prezzybox 

What activities will you  be giving your children this summer holidays? Any off our list? Le us know in the comments section below.


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