10 Elf On the Shelf Ideas


Just in case you do not know, Elf on the Shelf is a sneaky little elf that loves to cause mischief around the house while families sleep. His mission, however, is much more important than just pulling a few pranks in the night, the elf is sent by Santa to watch over the children in the house and report back any bad behaviour.

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The Elf on the Shelf book, included with the elf, explains that scout elves get their magic by being named and being loved by a child. In the back of each book, families have an opportunity to write their elf’s name and the date that they adopted it. Once the elf is named, the scout elf receives its special Christmas magic, which allows it to fly to and from the North Pole.

If you have an elf currently taking up residency in your home then by now I’m sure you’re finding that just over 2 weeks into December, you’re not as creative as you once thought you were. It can be impossible to think of 25 amazing pranks to pull if you’re not in fact an 11 year old boy. That’s where we step in to help. We have the top 10 best elf on the shelf ideas for all the parents out there that may be struggling right now.

The Voice Elf

A hilarious twist on a Saturday night favourite, if your kids enjoy watching the voice or know that mummy and daddy watch the voice, then this one will be a treat. The plastic cups are available at most retailers and can be bought in bulk from any pound shop or discount store. The toy microphone while adorable is actually part of a Barbie play set, so you may be out of luck if you don’t already possess one, however straws, pipe cleaners and pom poms and a little creativity can get the job done.

The Biscuit Tester

Now this one does only work if you have a pet but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog. Cats, rabbits and even fish can work for this prank. Give the children a little giggle this Christmas by showing off the elf’s silly side – just be sure to keep the pets at bay until the morning or they may take the poor elf’s snack right out of his hands.

The Christmas Bauble

Show your Children a little magic, trap the elf in a large inflatable balloon with fake snow, tinsel and glitter. Use a see through balloon to create a bauble effect and place by or maybe even on the Christmas tree. When your children ask how the elf has managed to get in there, the only possible explanation would have to be magic.

The Snow Angel

One of my all time favourites, this simple yet fun prank is perfect for either announcing a day of baking Christmas goodies or the first snow day this winter. This can be done in most homes by sprinkling flour onto a surface and creating a silhouette of a snow angel beneath the elf. Don’t have flour in your house? Thats fine too! This can be done with tons of variations such as fake snow, which can be bought at most discount stores just add water to the powder and you are away!

It can be done with sprinkles to bring a little colour the morning, and if you can be sure that non of your children will attempt to have a taste of the elves snow then it can even be done with salt if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative.

The Decorator 

In every home there always tends to be one room that isn’t quite as festive as the rest, usually in most cases it’s the kitchen, because, well, fire hazards. So rally up your elf and get them to spruce the place up. Most discount stores sell Christmas bows and if you can use blue tack or Sellotape to put them up, they can be reused when wrapping your gifts.

The Cereal Box

If your cereal has a well known character this is perfect, although a lot of families may not allow lucky charms everyday, this can be done with a variety of cereals. We’ve seen it done with rice crispies, frosties, coco pops and many more. Simply cut a whole the box and slip your elf in.

The Writing on the Mirror 

This little trick is fantastic not just as a fun surprise but it’s also great for letting your children know when they’ve done something great. We used our elf to let the little one know how proud we were when we found out he’d been sharing at school. Whatever your message this is a great trick for cheeky children – but remember to let it dry completely before you clean it off or it can get very messy!

The Naughty Elf 

Always one for the older children that will know better than to copy an elf, but a cheeky take on a typical bank job. Use black ribbon/material or paper to create a little ski mask and swag bag, or even use a black sock and some string to create the swag bag. Pose the elf by one of the kids piggy banks or if you don’t have one of those you could always use a purse or wallet, or maybe even the sweetie jar.

The Helpful Elf 

If you’ve spent the day wrapping presents, or getting the children to help wrap presents then the helpful elf is the perfect trick to follow. Use left over wrapping paper to wrap the toilet in festive paper. If this seems a little difficult or you wake up often during the night to use the loo then simply switch the household item that you’ll be wrapping and finish with a bow and a cheeky note.

The Goodbye 

The final goodbye for your elf will always work best with sweets. It can be an emotional day for some children as their Christmas friend is leaving them but you can go online and print off a personalised goodbye letter from the official Elf on the Shelf website. Failing that you can always write your own personal letter wishing the children a merry Christmas to explain to them why they have to leave and how much fun they’ve had spending the run up to Christmas with your family, decorated with their favourite sweets it’ll be a great way to part friends for another year.

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