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Black friday is traditionally known for being a day filled with huge discounts from most, if not all retailers. It is one of the biggest sales events in the world, originating from america the black friday excitement has spread to many parts of the world, with various countries joining in.

Falling every year on the day after Thanksgiving (Thursday) almost every store has something to interest everyone. Unofficially known as the beginning of the holiday shopping season, black friday is the day that all bargain hunters wait for. While black friday isn’t actually an official holiday most Americans tend to have the day off work – unless of course they work in retail.

The day has been suggested to have got it’s name from the relation to shops moving from the “red” into the “black” from back in the 1920’s when accounting records were kept by hand.

Ever since the start of the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade, the day after thanksgiving has been marked as the busiest shopping day of the year. With the red ink indicating a loss and black ink indicating profit the name was supposedly derived from nothing more than businesses using the shopping day after thanksgiving to move from the red into the black.

Another theory that is suggested goes back to the 1950’s when police in Philadelphia gave a statement to a newspaper describing the chaos that had flooded the streets. Congested streets clogged with motorists and pedestrians had the day labeled by Philadelphia police as “Black Friday”.

Not necessarily the name or history that most retailers wanted associated with the day, however attempts to change the name to big friday failed. The smog and clusters of shoppers and shoplifters alike made for a very negative outlook. Then to be coined Black Friday by the police, made the day an unofficial national holiday.


“A New York Times report from 1975 locates the phrase “Black Friday” as a bit of Philadelphia slang”

One final theory on black friday comes from the 1869 stock market crash. Sparked by gold speculator Jay Gould and James Fist who attempted to corner the gold market. The pair enlisted the help of the U.S President to limit the availability of gold, however the attempt to manipulate the prices of gold failed, leading to the collapse of the gold market and a plummet in the stock market.

In regards to which story is the true root to the day we can’t say for sure – but from where it once began to where it is now, Black Friday has taken monumental strides to being the biggest shopping day in the world.

Following Black Friday is the more recent Cyber Monday. A term coined by Ellen Davis and happily accepted by marketing teams everywhere. Making it’s debut on November 28th 2005 Cyber Monday has grown to be one of the biggest online shopping days.

Beginning as a great way to include the online retailers into the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday, the actual idea was bigger than the event itself. In the new digital age, however Cyber Monday has really began to find it’s place within the holiday seasons shopping.

With more and more people having access to super fast broadband, online shopping as a general rule has become increasingly more popular so with shoppers now able to get fantastic Black Friday offers from the comfort of their own home, marketing teams across the globe knew it wouldn’t be long before Cyber Monday was no longer the less thought of little sister to black friday.

As each year passes the buzz around Black Friday and Cyber Monday gets bigger and bigger, with sales starting up to 2 weeks before the initial start date and lasting up to a week after.

With less than a week until Black Friday and Cyber Monday commence we thought the best idea would be to create a list of all the best online retailers we think have the best sales, when they will start and how long they will be running for.

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Fashion Mia – Click to visit the store
All orders made at Fashion Mia between the 7th and 17th of November will get you 15% discount in their Black Friday sales – which will last over the days of November 25th and December 4th. Currently, they have up to 80% discount on some items

Morphy Richards – Click to visit the store
Morphy Richards are currently holding a sale with up to 55% off a variety of products throughout November up to December 1st. With free delivery for UK and Northern Ireland residents.

Kohls – Click to visit the store
From the 21st to the 25th for every $50 you spend you receive $15 Kohls cash back, you can also get an added 15% off this black friday with a special promo code only available online. Kohls is also hosting a “Find the doorbuster” on the 24th of November at 6pm as an extra Black Friday treat. Although based in the US Kohls do deliver to the UK.

Samsung – Click to visit the store
As always Samsung have massive Black Friday deals, with savings up to $2500 off selected televisions. Although the sales haven’t begun yet, you can create a wish list of all the amazing deals you wish to purchase when they do in fact go live, on the 20th November. Running for a week straight until the 27th of November.

Currys – Click to visit the store
Black Friday is a true festivity at Curry’s, they offer huge saving with up to 60% selected products. With the added feature of selecting what you what online ready for collection on Black Friday, saving you the trouble of busy stores.

Argos – Click to visit the store
Argos, while they haven’t yet released their Black Friday deals yet, have announced that you can take advantage of all their black friday deals released on November 25th and save them in store for up to 7 days.

Forever 21 – Click to visit the store
For 24 hours on the 25th of November, Forever 21 are hosting a whirlwind of amazing deals for Black Friday. With men’s clothing, women’s clothing and accessories from as little as $3, Forever 21 is definitely a top contender this Black Friday, in store or online until December 3rd.

Dickies – Click to visit the store
While Dickies won’t disclose exactly what discounts are coming our way this Black Friday, they have said there will be at least 50% off all sale products.

Menkind – Click to visit the store
This year menkind have used Black Friday to kick off your christmas shopping, with 10% all christmas gift and gadgets online.

Nike – Click to visit the store
As always Nike will be offering incredible money saving deals this black friday. Rumoured to have many of their new collections in the black friday sales, but as of yet nothing has been confirmed.

BooHoo – Click to visit the store
Boohoo is the Mecca of online shopping fashionistas everywhere flock to boohoo weekly to grab their weekend outfits. On the 25th of November till the 28th of November they have their prices slashed massively, with huge discounts on all the latest style must haves.

PrezzyBox Click to visit the store
If Black Friday at all your favourite stores isn’t enough then PrezzyBox is your life line. Instead of following in the Black Friday tradition PrezzyBox is hosting a Cyber Weekend over the 27th to the 30th November with savings of up to 60% on all the latest gifts and gadgets.

Wex PhotographicClick to visit the store
For all the best photographic deals this Black Friday, Wex Photographic is the place to shop. For the 25th of November only you’ll fantastic deals on their entire range including DSLRs, CSCs, compacts, lenses, tripods, camera bags, drones, optics, accessories and more.

La Redoute Click to visit the store
Black Friday starts early at La Redoute, from the 21st of November they have 40% off everything up until the 26th of November. Men’s, women’s and children’s fashion and accessories all with fantastic savings.

WoolOvers – Click to visit the store
Jumpers, cardigans and cashmere – this Black Friday gives us amazing deals on all your winter essentials. From the 25th of November lasting for a week after you can get incredible saving on the latest and greatest in the WoolOvers collections.

Zavvi – Click to visit the store
Incredible discounts on Games, SteelBooks, DVD & Blu-Ray, Clothing, Merchandise and Technology is to be expected. Zavvi is your one-stop-shop for all things Black Friday. Lasting for one day only you won’t want to miss the incredible sales at Zavvi.

River Island – Click to visit the store
All the latest and greatest fashion pieces are available this Black Friday at incredible money saving discounts. Online and in store you’ll find irresistible clothing and accessory sales perfect for kicking off your christmas shopping.

ASOS – Click to visit the store
Currently ASOS are hosting a cyber weekend with discounts of up to 70%. With it not even being their Black Friday sale we can’t begin to imagine what huge discounts lay ahead.

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Can’t see your favourite store in the list? Don’t fret this list will be updated as we find more retailers taking part. Below you’ll find a list of all the retailers that may be taking part but haven’t, as of yet, released what discounts they will be offering. Of course, we will provide you more details as we get them


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