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One situation every female can relate to is buying the perfect bra the right size, the right colour and finding the right combination of confidence and support just to go home, try it on and not feel comfortable with it. We’ve all been there – two bras the exact same size yet one just doesn’t fit right, a lot of ladies put this down to different shops not following the same size guidelines. This is incorrect; reasoning behind two bras of the same size fitting as though they’re different sizes is down to nothing more than the shaping of your breasts.

In fact an agency in the US, who previously carried out research to identify the different types of breast in the world, has come up with an updated list, which includes the addition of 2 more breast types – athletic and relaxed.

They have not just come up with the types but have recommended suitable bras for each breast type.

We have listed them below and have provided you with sample bras for each type to make your bra shopping a little bit easier.

Athletic Breast

Athletic Breast

To have athletic breasts means they tend to sit wider and more muscular resulting in less tissue. To create the illusion of more curves and keep the breasts sitting comfortably we recommended the classic push up bra.

Athletic Bra 1

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Athletic Bra 2

£19.95 at Pabo

Athletic Bra 3

£5.00 at Boohoo


Relaxed Breast

Relaxed Breast

If your nipples appear as though pointing downwards, and the tissue in the breast feels quite lax this is an indicator that your breasts are relaxed. Again these types of breasts sit best within a classic push up bra.

Was £11.00 now £2.99 at Forever 21

Relaxed Breast 2

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Relaxed Breast 3

Was  £19.95 now £13.97 at Pabo

Round Breast

Round Breast

Breasts equally full on top and bottom and round in shape don’t need to have their position changed, meaning your lucky enough to not need much support. This means you can get away with a thin bra without under wire – loosely translating to lace lace lace!

Round Breast 1

£15.95 at Pabo


£11.00 at Forever 21


Round Breast 3

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East West


East West Breast

Small breasts that gravitate to the outside of your chest with nipples that point outwards suggests you’re an East West. Another sign may be a slight gap between your cleavage – the perfect fit bra would be your standard t-shirt bra to help create a smooth silhouette and pull the breasts in creating a more streamlined shape.

East West Breast 1

Was £15.95 now £9.57 at Pabo

East West Breast 2

£23.95 at Pabo

East West Breast 3

£6.00 at Forever 21


Side Set Breast

Side Set Breast

Side set breasts fall outwards as East West, however they are much fuller with a wide space between the breasts. The best bra for these breasts would be a plunge bra, pulling the breasts up and in – you may notice you could be prone to your breasts spilling out of the side due to their positioning, to tackle this you may need a cup size bigger than you usually get.

Side Set Breast 1

£11.95 at Pabo

Side Set Breast 2

£9.00 at Forever 21

Side Set Breast 3

£11.00 at Forever 21


Slender Breast

Slender Breast

Slender breasts are very distinctive in looks – they are smaller at the top then they are at the bottom and longer than they are wider. A plunge bra will help here to lift the breasts to create a shapelier look – for a little something extra you may also want to consider a little added padding.

Slender Breast 1

£11.95 at Pabo

Slender Breast 2

£19.95 at Pabo

Slender Breast 3

£10.00 at Boohoo



Bell Shape Breast

Bell Shape Breast

Bell shaped breasts are often slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. Women with bell shaped breasts often tend to have fuller busts – this requires a bra with plenty of support to be able to lift the breasts and provide comfort.

Was £8.00 now £6.00 at Boohoo

£12.00 at Forever 21

Was £38.00 now £12.99 at Bargain Crazy


Asymmetric Breast

It’s not uncommon to see one breast bigger than the other in fact almost all women will notice a slight difference between the two to some degree. However if your asymmetry is significant enough to be noticeable then bras with removable padding are your new best friend.

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£23.95 at Pabo


Teardrop Breast


Round breasts that are slightly less full at the top are what is known as Teardrop shaped. These breasts are on of the easiest to accommodate for in any style of bra. If you know the right size then the world is your oyster when it comes to shopping.

 £12.00 at Boohoo

Was £45.00 now £17.99 at Bargain Crazy

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