The Truth About Facial Brushes


In recent years, electric face cleansing brushes have grown popular among dermatologists and consumers. These high-powered beauty tools feature vibrating heads that clean and exfoliate the skin, dislodging more makeup and grime than hands or a washcloth ever could do, according to manufacturers.

The price of your typical facial brush is around £35.00, however you’ll also need to purchase a cleanser to use with your new gadget. So we’re investigating if a face cleansing brush is really worth the investment?

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While so many beauty products that are on the market never actually live up to the hype surrounding them, electronic cleansing brushes have won the praises of many doctors and researchers throughout the world.

Whatever your reasoning may be that causes you to have not yet embraced the facial brush in all its glory, we’re ready to try change your mind.

Studies, though often funded by beauty companies, show that facial brushes effectively rid you of impurities while increasing blood circulation under the skin.

The facial brush allows you to really reap the benefits of your existing skin care products. They ensure that your cleanser gets down into the deepest pores possible of your face, allowing it to go to work on the parts of your skin that are otherwise hard to get to. Providing you with an incredibly refreshing cleanse, ridding you of even the most persistent grime embedded deep in your pores.

The brush itself works as an exfoliator: removing layers of dead skin from the surface of the face allowing the healthy underneath layer to breathe and thrive. Subsequently when applying toners, moisturisers and other skin care products they can immediately reach the live healthy skin, allowing for optimum skin care benefits.


The facial brush is also proven to help to even out your skin tone, reducing any blotchiness that you may suffer from, adding to a healthier and fresher appearance. This can also help to further reduce signs of ageing – immediate signs, or even just as a preventative measure.

When someone buys a facial cleansing brush the first thing you may ask them is for an insight to how fantastic it is. Unfortunately a lot of people find that after immediate use the skin may break out and redden in colour. While at first glance of course that seems like the worst possible outcome you would want from a beauty product, but in the long run it does work wonders – as with most beauty products you may find.

 “At the beginning, your skin might flare, probably within the first two weeks, the dead skin cells that are being sloughed off plug up your pores. But as your skin gets used to it, your pores become more open and there will be fewer dead skin cells to exfoliate, so you’ll be less likely to have breakouts.” – Jason Emer, Dermatologist.

Normal skin regeneration typically has a one-month cycle, but the truth is you want that skin to turn over at a faster rate. A face brush allows the dead skin cells to be exfoliated quicker, and from that produce more collagen, and gradually you’ll get tighter better looking skin. The brush when used regularly removes any oil or debris that are clogging pores and allows medication to penetrate the skin better.

As a rule however you only want to start off using the brush a couple of times a week to see how your skin handles it, and allow time for immediate breakouts. Once you see the results begin to pick up, it’s at this point you can either increase or decrease your frequency of use depending on what you feel gives your skin the best results.

It is good to keep in mind that although your facial brush may work wonders for you most of the year, as with any kinds of facial or beauty products, changing seasons have very different impacts on your skin, you may need to switch up your use of the brush accordingly or maybe just the cleanser you use with it.

Facial cleansers are fantastic devices that have taken the beauty world by storm. One of the greatest features, is the diversity of the product. Obviously the main use of the brush is of course to cleanse the skin, however you can also use the brush to apply other beauty product such as moisturisers and toners for example. Simply just apply the product to either the product or your face and gently work into the skin with the brush allowing the products to deeper penetrate the skin.


Glow SkinWorks Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

The Facial Cleansing Brush from Glow SkinWorks aims for non-abrasive deep-pore cleansing. The brush unclogs pores, whilst also removing makeup and impurities by using the soft bristles which move with sonic vibrations. The brush ensures that your cleansing routine is gentler, more effective and is particularly gentle on sensitive skin.

Simply apply your favourite cleanser to the brush or your skin and massage in circular movements for deep nourishment. The device is completely waterproof so it’s perfect to use in the shower, and has a changeable brush head function and is complete with a handy stand. Perfect for beauty convenience.

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If you’re thinking of getting a facial cleansing brush the first thing you need to consider is your actual cleanser. If you already have a cleanser that you use religiously then there shouldn’t be any need for you to get a new one, unless of course you’re looking to switch it up a little. It’s a general rule that people put a lot of effort and research into finding a moisturiser that works well for their skin, so why is it that we don’t do the same for facial cleansers. The fact is a good cleanser can do miraculous things for the skin and create a much friendlier environment for other skin care products to get to work. Whereas the wrong kind of cleanser for your skin can wreak havoc and actually create more problems on your skin than you may have initially started with.

So first up is Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Purifying Toner. This is a fantastic cleanser for oily or combination skin. The unique toner works in two phases. First, botanicals gently cleanse and purify your skin, removing grime and dirt from the pores in the skin. The second step uses Ceramide 3 to soothe and calm the skin. It leaves skin soft, refreshed and ready to absorb all the maximum benefits from your moisturiser.

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The next face cleanser we have up is Aesop’s Parsley Seed facial cleanser. This wash is perfect for those who suffer with sensitive and often dry skin. This wash, being Aesop’s first gel cleanser in the Parsley Seed range, offers gentle yet thorough cleansing, with all the benefit of mild exfoliation from Lactic Acid with balancing moisture from Jojoba Oil extracts. The invigorating, rich lather of this unique formula suits all skin types, especially sensitive and leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, softened and clarified.

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