Rodial Glamoxy Snake Black Mask


With Asian skincare gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, many customers are turning to products such as Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask. Although such products have been branded as new and exciting to UK consumers, black masks and other Asian skin care products have a long history of use in Malaysia, Korea and Japan, among others. The main idea behind products like these is to cover the skin with detoxifying ingredients and to deep cleanse the pores. In most cases, the active ingredient is charcoal, though individual formulations can vary slightly.

The Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask is an innovative black mask works to brighten and correct the skin tone, decongesting for radiant looking skin. Syn-Ake is a dipeptide inspired by the effect of the temple viper venom, this reduces the looks of lines and wrinkles whilst the Kaolin french clay works to cleanse your pores and remove all excess oils and impurities, pomegranate ellagic tannin is used to firm and tone the skin. While finally liquorice extract acts as a skin lightening agent to even out skin tones.

The list of benefits from the black mask are endless, it improves your skin tone making you look younger. Due to the fact it reduces the size of your pores, it thereby makes your skin firmer and as it opens up your pores and it makes them cleaner by removing oil and dirt. The mask also helps in the process of skin regeneration as it removes aging and dead skin cells.

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of publicity surrounding black peel off pore masks. The buzz has stemmed from some viral videos on social media. Which is why we at Salescache decided to give the black mask our own personal test drive – as you’ll see from the video below.

Step 1: Remove all makeup and dirt from the face
Step 2: Apply a thick layer of the mask evenly across the face
Step 3: Wait 20 minutes (or until mask is completely dry – not tacky)
Step 4: Wipe any remaining edges of the mask off using a face wipe
Step 5: Check your face and the mask to see the visible results from cleaner blackheads and pores
Step 6: Apply a hydrating toner to ensure lasting results

After immediate use of the mask the skin was quite obviously smoother and softer to touch. You can visibly see dirt and blackheads lifting out of your pores and being stuck on to the mask. Upon closer look at the face you can see that the pores have decreased in size – however if you could look deep into the skin you would see they’re open perfect for deep cleansing and moisturizing.

While the skin may not show immediate glowing results the mask is designed to clear the skin and remove dead skin cells – therefore to see huge improvements after using the mask you need to both tone and moisturise after use.

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Suitable for those with oily skin or looking to treat hyper-pigmentation.


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