Camping VS Glamping


Camping in the 21st century doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it anymore. Glamping, aka “glamorous camping,” is continuing to win over the weekend travellers especially those who aren’t exactly ecstatic about spending the weekend outdoors.

Camping is traditionally known for roughing it out in the wilderness Being at one with nature and leaving the hustle and bustle of day to day life behind for a few days of adventure in the country side. This doesn’t however appeal to everyone, so into 2005 Glamping was born, a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping. Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st century tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside the escapism and adventure recreation of camping.
To those of us who grew up playing in the outdoors, camping comes as second nature. However for those travellers who need of modern amenities, such as phones and beauty products while spending time outside, glamping is an emerging trend that opens the opportunity up to everyone. The question is however which one is right for you?

Camping Pros

Camping to many is one of the best breaks you could have but if you’re still a little unsure these are all the best parts about going camping.

Being Unplugged

One of the main reasons a lot of people go camping is to be able to spend time in nature fully unplugged. There’s something to be said of the feeling of not having a smartphone or electronic device attached to your hip. It’s especially rewarding for families to see children getting back to nature and enjoying a bit of old fashioned fun. With a lot of campsites not having access to WiFi hotspots it can make it difficult to be plugged into the outside world.

Camp Food

Toasted marshmallows and beef burgers cooked on an open fire aren’t typically your go to foods when sat at home because we often think about how greasy and sugary these foods are. One of the perks of camping is being able to eat all the quick, easy and unhealthy food you like. Hello bbq’s and hot chocolate!

Outdoor Activities

People usually camp to be outside and in the wilderness and many campgrounds tend to be near adventurous places. It’s a great opportunity for new outdoor activities to take place if you’re camped near hiking trails, mountain ranges rivers and streams. For most that active lifestyle isn’t something we can be apart of every day – especially if living in the city, which is why trekking, building and climbing are all exciting ways to spend your weekend.

Change of Pace

Changing the way we do things from the comfort of our day to day routines can be good for us. Switching things up is a great way to gain a little clarity and create some headspace. Not having the comfort of our bed and home as well as the easy access we have to so many other things can help us appreciate what we do have when we arrive back. A change of pace for a weekend can work as a kind of cleanse for the body and the mind.

Camping Cons

It seems while there a ton of excellent reasons to go camping there are also a few negative point that may make you rethink your trip.

Lack of Water

Depending on where you stay, having potable water readily available can be a challenge. Many of us bring our own water for cooking and brushing our teeth but not enough to shower with. Many campsites nowadays are located near a communal shower but it’s not always a guarantee. Especially if your idea of camping is in out in the wilderness of a wooded area – that can mean you’re without any facilities or fixtures. So if you’re getting dirty, muddy and sweaty throughout the day in your outdoor activities then staying dirty is a given when you’re camping – baby wipes at the ready. As well, if you happened to not bring your own water, you’ll have to know the proper cleaning and filtering systems to make it safe to drink and cook with.

Abundance of Bugs

While in most camping areas across the UK we don’t have to worry about things such as bears and other dangerous wildlife, improperly storing food and drinks can attract a all kinds critters and bugs. While it’s not typically a dangerous experience it can be very annoying and cause irritation to the skin. Unless you’re willing spray a ton of bug repellent – which can be bad for the environment and make for an unpleasant smell around the campsite, bugs are unfortunately something that have to be dealt with while camping.

A couple other things to consider when camping, that neither fell into the pros or cons list: you also have to pitch your own tent, traditionally sleep in a sleeping bag, start your own camp fire, and carry all of your own gear in and out.

Camping Essentials Checklist


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Glamping Pros

Here you’ll find all the positive reasons that people seem to love Glamping.

Luxary Accommodation

So imagine you arrive at your destination ready to get your weekend get away started and you’re greeted by a perfectly pitched tent or steadily made hut awaiting your arrival. Large sturdy and freshly made up Glamping allows you to have your outdoorsy time away without having to pitch tents in the wind, rain and cold night – which are all possibilities with stand alone camping.

Comforable Furniture

Glamping gives you all the home comforts that are often missed while camping. Of Course each tent may have a different set of furnishings they’re always customized to be comfortable and accommodating on the inside. Typically the tents feature a full sized bed – complete with bedding and pillows, carpeting, chairs, heating and electricity. They also feature conventional ovens in the pod with the added bonus of an outdoor BBQ available for use.

Access to Better Food

Glamping gives your the added bonus of never having to worry about storing food safely or what you have the capabilities to make. Some glamping experiences may have onsite facilities to provide food and sometimes even entertainment. However if that’s not your scene there are cooking facilities in your tent as stated previously – with the added bonus of BBQ’s.

Running Water

The highlight of Glamping for most people is the fact of running water – a luxury often missed when taking part in regular camping. Depending on which Glamping facility you go to will decide what type of running water you’ll but it can be either running water within your tent, running water from a tap outside your tent or a shower block within the campsite. ]

Glamping Cons

Are there any? This one could be arguable, but you’re spending time outdoors with all the luxuries of a nice hotel. Maybe I’m an extremist but I prefer spending time outdoors without the extra amenities.

However you can argue that with Glamping you don’t get that rugged back to your roots wilderness feel that you do with camping. It is all about personal preference and how much nature you can take as one person.

Again, there are a couple other things to consider, that did not fall into either the pros or cons list: While glamping often provide Wi-Fi, sometimes it’s nice to have the feeling of getting unplugged. However Glamping allows you electriity to charge phones and cameras and other things that are nice to have accessible while spending time away from home.

Glamping Essentials

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As I stated before, camping and being outside isn’t for everyone. Maybe a good alternative for the city kids who aren’t quite sold on the outdoors would be Glamping.

After reading my list of pros and cons: you be the judge, which would you rather?


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