5 Experiences to Make This a Father’s Day Dad Will NEVER Forget


When we think of dad, myself included, a lot of us reminisce on all the amazing adventures he took us on growing up. Whether we were camping, fishing or a family trip to the beach dad always came up with the best ideas. So this year for father’s day why not return the favour by treating him to a day he will never forget.

Maybe dad has a few things he’s like to tick off his bucket list, or maybe you’d just like to spend a little more time with him, the memories of an experience will last a lot longer than any gift you give him.

  1. Bungee Jumping

The world is full of adrenaline sports that get your blood rushing through your veins and your heart pumping. However, there is nothing more exciting than a bungee jump; the sensation of rushing through the air, feeling completely weightless, is something that has to be tried to be believed. Bungee jumping is certainly not a sport for those with nerves, but if you can get over them it is an amazing experience.

Now this is an experience for the more active dads, and it’s certainly perfect for the dads who are beginning to feel the pinch of age creeping up on them. Bungee jumping is a fantastic way to really make you feel alive (ironic i know) but there’s just something about jumping off a building that gets some people’s hearts racing in all the right ways.

So help dad feel alive and tick something off his bucket list with a bungee jumping experience – the only question being – will you be joining him? Let dad take the ultimate leap of faith as he jumps from 300ft up with nothing but a bungee rope to catch him!

300ft Bungee Jump Available at Experience Mad 

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

From one extreme to another hot air ballooning as all the height and all the thrill of bungee jumping with a little less adrenaline. For a day he’ll never forget with zero chance of having to jump off a building hot air ballooning is the one.

Spend some quality time with dad 2,000 feet above the ground. Nothing quite compares to the serenity of ballooning. Gaze down over the fields, hedgerows and villages, dappled in a tranquil early morning light. Bask in the magical silence as you float high above the ground and then drop low enough to skim the hedgerows and treetops.

It’s a perfect way to take fabulous pictures – and a treat to remember for many years. After helping to inflate the balloon, dad will take off for an hour’s flight and see the world below sliding slowly by. He’ll enjoy a traditional champagne toast, and receive a flight certificate signed by your pilot and Sir Richard Branson.

Sunrise Champagne Balloon Flight For Two Available at Activity Superstore

  1. Driving Experience

If dad’s heart races when thinking about cars rather than thinking about flying planes and jumping off buildings, this day out will be perfect for him. This three part experience for every kind of car lover, whether it’s the speed of a supercar, the thrill of a rally car or the danger of off-road driving, this day will cover it all.

Dad will begin his day with 6 laps of the track in a Supercar of his choice with an instructor by his side. He has the opportunity to chose from a Ferrari F430, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Audi R8. Following this he’ll take part in a Rally Driving session behind the wheel of a Subaru Impreza, and then finally an Off-Road drive in a 4×4, through a dirt track lined with many exciting obstacles.

At the end of the day he will be presented with a driving certificate to remember the day and the opportunity to purchase in car videos of his driving experience.

Supercar, Rally Subaru & Off Road Driving Experience Available at Gifts.co.uk 

  1. A Day at The Abyss

If you’re looking to give dad an experience that will get his adrenaline pumping, then look no further than this triple whammy. Flying along zip wires, abseiling into the ‘Abyss’ and parachute simulators, this experience has everything covered. Once dad is into his safety harness it’s time for the fun to begin.

This isn’t however for the faint hearted! His experience will begin by being kitted out in the safety harness, then it’s off to his first activity, the 250ft indoor zip wire. The jumpmaster will attach him to the zip wire and then as he pushes off he can take a look below and see the restaurant, friends and family below him as he travels at 30mph before safely entering the landing zone.

Next it’s off to climb 143 steps to the abseil zone. A trained instructor will instruct him how to descend and then it’s up to him to abseil into the Abyss from 150ft down into the chasm that is the face of steel and the dark and gloomy Abyss.

Last but definitely not least, he will climb the 143 steps again for the final buzz on the 150ft Powerfan. He will have a sensory overload as he plummets to the ground before landing safely on terra firma. It’s the perfect day out if your dad is the ultimate thrill seeker.
The Triple Whammy at The Abyss Available at Activity Superstore 

  1. Tennis Tour

It is needless to say that Wimbledon is the most prestigious Grand Slam venue in the world and visiting this extraordinary venue is a privilege. This experience is a comprehensive tour of this great tennis history marvel. The perfect gift for any sport mad dad.

He will have the opportunity to visit the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and discover the history and traditions of this legendary Grand Slam venue. He will also have the chance to explore the site like any other member of the public can. The tour also includes a visit of the Millennium Building, the Picnic Terraces and Water Gardens. The latter is a landmark on its own, with its stunning views across the capital.

He’ll also see the No. 1 Court and the Press Interview Room. If he is lucky, dad will even have the chance to explore the Centre Court. If not, it will be replaced by an equally exciting location, the BBC Television Studio. If dad’s not into all the hustle and bustle of jumping extreme heights or racing around in fast cars this is the ideal gift.

Personally I think this gift is brilliant to send both dad and granddad out on a fantastic day out.

Wimbledon Tennis Tour for Two Available at Experiance Mad 

Let us know in the comments below which of these your dad would love to do! Or if there’s any other experiences he’d like more than these.


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