3 Halloween Experiences That Will Make Halloween Fun Again!


Halloween or all hallows eve, is the eve of All Saints Day, the last day of the year in the old Celtic calendar – a night for witches and ghosts. Celebrated by the Celtic festival of Samhain, in which people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off any roaming ghosts and bad spirits.

In the 21st century, Halloween has evolved into a child friendly, community based holiday primarily known for trick or treating. If however you’re not wrestling with toddlers to get them into pumpkin outfits then it can often feel like halloween is just another day.

-That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best adult friendly halloween experiences for 2016.


1. Halloween Banquet

This halloween join the ghost of Henry VIII, werewolves, witches and evil jesters, as you drink witches brew and indulge in a four course feast in a beautiful hall from the middle ages. Relive the tales of harrow in this immersive theatrical dinner, from creepy contortionists to the halls resident ghost this experience is perfect for couples or groups looking for something a little different to do this halloween.

Halloween Banquet

What’s included:

  • Immersive theatre dinner experience
  • 4 course dinner including pumpkin soup to start and apple pie for dessert
  • Over 2 hours of themed entertainment
  • There are also live Medieval musicians and singers


http://salesc.uk/2eoFJFu – Starting from just £30


2. The London Bridge and London Tomb Experience

Begin your day beneath the worlds most famously haunted bridge, travel back through thousands of years and become a part of london’s gruesome history.

London Bridge and Tomb Experience

Laugh, scream and cheer your way through an age of adventure, uncover dark secrets and learn about london’s infamous history, from the fire of london to jack the ripper.


When finished at the bridge, it’s time to truly face your fears, from clowns to confined spaces – whatever it is that makes your hairs stand on end. The London Tombs, formerly a plague pit, really will make your blood run cold.


What’s Included

  • A trip to the infamous London Bridge and a tour round the old Victorian streets of Southwark
  • Relive the horrors of history at London’s top scare attraction
  • Learn the great and gruesome history of London
  • Face your fears with a visit to the London Tombs – a former plague pit


http://salesc.uk/2ehtlDF – £49


3. Haunted House Room Escape

Haunted House Room Escape

For a thrilling adventure, and something a little out of the ordinary, this haunted house room escape is a must! Race against time as you try solve clues in no particular order to piece them together in an attempt to escape the room. In groups of ideally 3-4 people you are trapped in the apartment of a traditional Bath house, where you must work together to complete each room in time. Do you have what it takes to escape?


What’s included

  • Try to solve puzzles that lead to more puzzles to escape the room
  • Escape all the rooms within the 60 minute time limit
  • Work in a team of 3-5 people to achieve this
  • Solve clues in no particular order – figure out how they relate to escape the room
  • Tea room available once you’ve escaped all the rooms


http://salesc.uk/2eL2Sg3 £78.00


Have fun!



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