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Hype Olympic Curl Bar

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The Hype Olympic Curl Bar is suitable to use for a variety of different exercises. Designed to increase upper arm muscle strength - Improving muscle growth and enhancing muscle definition. Curl Bar’s are a popular choice for athletes and bodybuilders. And works by isolating and intensify muscle growth and development, working the Bicep and Forearm muscles. Hype’s Olympic Curl Bar is a heavy duty bar, suitable to withstand intense training sessions. Featuring an angled design, to deliver added support and comfort. Helping to improve control.The Hype Olympic Curl Bar is compatible with any 52mm Plates. Ideal to increase bicep muscles, while maintaining and improving upper body strength. Hype’s Olympic Bar weighs 8kg and if 4ft in length. With a 50mm Collar and a Collar to Collar length of 32 inches. This high quality Olympic Curl Bar can hold a weight limit of up to 300lbs.Using the Hype Olympic Curl Bar is a simple and convenient way to help build and maintain lean muscle mass. A great way to improve overall fitness levels, suitable for home or gym use. Weight: 8kgLength (Full): 4ftLength (Collar to Collar): 32 InchCollars: 50mmWeight Limit: 300lbs (136kg)