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Hype Lat Pulldown Bar

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The Hype Lat Pulldown Bar is a great piece of weight training equipment, ideal for back exercises. Delivering precision angles, specially designed to target back muscles.Hype’s Lat Pulldown Bar is an effective ways to increase muscle strength and muscle definition in the upper body - Great for athletes and bodybuilders looking to increase muscle build. The Hype Lat Pulldown Bar is a useful attachment for cable Machines, designed for upper body exercises. Predominately working arm, shoulder and back muscles. Hype’s Lat Pulldown Bar delivers an effective form of strength training. Strengthening your lat muscles (latissimus dorsi) is key to improving upper body strength and keep your shoulders healthy.Lat based weight training can also act as a spinal stabilizers for posture during exercises, such as squats and deadlifts. Having a strong back is vital to overall strength and fitness.The Hype Lat Pulldown Bar is a high quality and durable Pulldown Bar, strong enough to handle for intense training sessions. Suitable for home or gym use.