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Hype Dual Purpose Bar

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The Hype Dual Purpose Bar is perfect for doing tricep pushdowns, while also been perfect for low pulley and seated rows. Designed to help build upper body strength and increase muscle growth. Hype Dual Purpose Bar is a high quality cable machine attachment. Providing wide grip spacing for maximum comfort, helping you to train for longer.Perfect for serious lifters and athletes, the Hype Dual Purpose Bar attachment is ideal to improve upper body muscle gain. Enhancing strength and power, increasing endurance levels. The Hype Dual Purpose Bar is a highly durable cable attachment can be used in a variety of positions and is especially useful for back exercises. And allows you to train standing, kneeling or sitting.Use the Hype Dual Purpose Bar to build strength and stamina, perfect to help you achieve your training and muscle build goals. Suitable for use at home or in the gym.