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Hype Olympic Straight Bar

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The Hype Olympic Straight Bar is a strong straight bar, measuring 5ft (60 inches) and a perfect piece of gym equipment that can easily be used at home.Olympic Straight Bars are great to be used in resistance training, increasing bicep activation and helping to increase muscle size and improve muscle strength. Helping to enhance overall physical performances. The Hype 5ft Olympic Straight Bar weighs in at 10kg and has been designed to hold heavy weight, with a weight limit of 350lbs. Hype 5ft Olympic Straight Bar features a stylish chrome finish to help prevent rust and chipping and ensure longevity. Collar to Collar this Hype Olympic Straight Bar measures 36”with Collar lengths of 11”.The Hype 5ft Olympic Straight Bar is an ideal piece of training equipment for those looking to increase muscle strength, size and power - Great to help improve physical performance.